Charlotte’s Top Three Rivals In The WWE So Far


Charlotte is one of the best women’s performers that the company has ever had and they are treating her like one. She is now a four-time women’s champion, and this girl is well on her way to becoming a five-time champ at Fastlane since WWE wants to keep her undefeated streak going. She has had some great moments in the WWE so far and some amazing rivals. Let’s see who are her top opponents.

3) Becky Lynch – These two started off as best friends on the main roster as both of them were faces when they debuted. Slowly but surely, Charlotte made her heel turn, and the company did a nice storytelling between the two. They had some good duels, including a triple-threat match at Wrestlemania 32 that was easily the match of the night.

2) Bayley – Charlotte and Bayley are in a programming together right now and their feud is nicely planned. Bayley probably shouldn’t have won the title before the Wrestlemania, but WWE went with her as the champion, at least until the Fastlane. Their match on Raw was pretty good, and it’s going to be hard to top that one on pay per view in a couple of weeks.

1) Sasha Banks – There wasn’t really a question about who is Charlotte’s number one rival so far. These two had a lot of great matches, they made history on multiple occasions, and they tore the house down almost every time they were in the ring. WWE flip-flopping the title is not a great idea, and this feud took a big hit because of that and because of the fact that it was pretty predictable. Still, what these two did in the ring was nothing short of sensational.