Charlotte Makes Her Way To Smackdown Live


As soon as Alexa Bliss showed up on Monday Night Raw and Charlotte got pinned for the second week in a row, it was clear that she will be making her Smackdown Live debut on Tuesday. Sure enough, that happened, and The Queen is now a member of the blue brand. After winning the Women’s Championship four times, she is ready to take over Tuesday nights.

This was an expected move from the WWE. Charlotte has done everything that she could have done on Monday Night Raw as she feuded with every top woman on the red brand, while winning the title four times, including having a pretty long first reign with the title. Now, this is just what she needed in order to keep being a major player in the organization.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the company is going to use The Queen on her new show. She is probably going straight for the championship that Naomi is holding right now. Another option is for her to feud with someone like Becky Lynch. Those are the two top babyfaces that Smackdown Live has so those are the opportunities for Charlotte.

She is not going to be given the title match right away, so our prediction is that there is going to be a number one contenders match for Naomi’s title next week. If Charlotte wins, that is the feud that we will be having going forward. The other possibility is for Natalya to win that duel so Charlotte can be in a program with Becky Lynch. Whatever happens, this was a needed move for The Queen and the blue brand.