Why Has Charlotte Been Losing Lately?


Charlotte has been one of the most protected superstars in the WWE organization ever since she came to the main roster from the NXT. She has held the Women’s Championship for almost a year before losing it to Sasha Banks. This girl also held the title on three more occasions before dropping it to Bayley. Now, she is on the Smackdown Live Roster.

During her last three matches as a member of the Red brand, she has been pinned three times. First of all, she was pinned at Mania as Bayley kept her championship at the Ultimate Thrillride. Then, she was beaten twice on two consecutive Monday nights and then she got defeated up by Nia Jax. So, why has she been on a receiving end of such a beating after being protected for so long?


Well, since she is getting a fresh start on the blue brand, the company wanted to use her to put over some other talent. Those losses don’t mean much now that she is on Smackdown and she will likely get back to winning ways next week on Tuesday. Here is what Charlotte had to say about that last edition of Raw.

“For me, considering it was my last match on Raw, I looked at it Nia takes that win and can build off it because I’m not easy to beat. But I look forward to facing Nia again because I don’t think that rivalry ends there. One day, we’ll be butting heads again,” said the four-time Women’s Champion.