San Diego Chargers vs. Atlanta Falcons – Week 7 Picks And Preditctions


If you like high-scoring games, this is definitely a game to watch. Both of these teams are known for their offensive burst as well as their bad defenses. Falcons have proven that they are able to move the ball even against the best D-lines away from home, while San Diego is very capable of surprising their favored rivals from time to time.

Philip Rivers is still an elite quarterback in the NFL. It’s a shame that Chargers just can’t put together an all-around squad and help this man in his quest for a Super Bowl ring. But still, this team is much better than their record is showing right now and win against Denver proves it. They need to get on a roll and win some games in order to get back into the playoff chase, so this match against the Falcons is really important for San Diego crew.


An argument can be made that Falcons played well enough to win that game in Seattle last Sunday. Missed PI call on Julio Jones was huge and costly for this team. They were in a great position to take it and continue with their winning ways, but it was just not meant to be. Matt Ryan and company are still legit and will not fall in the second half of the year like they did last season.

Both of these quarterbacks will have a great performance in Atlanta on Sunday, but Falcons are just a better squad at this moment. That is why we are going to pick them to win this game. It’s going to be a high-scoring affair in which Falcons will end up on top. The final score will be 38:30.