Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic on a certain website through natural or organic results on a web search engine. SEO will help your website to rank better in the list of similar websites in a web search. Because of this SEO is being used as a digital marketing strategy. SEO system is changed and adjusted regularly to ensure better productivity. Here are some major SEO adjustments that have happened recently.


Google has made some considerable changes and updates to the search engine to improve Search Engine Optimization. First of all, a Speed Update was released last year. When announcing this update, Google said that it would only affect the slowest sites who struggle to deliver their content to users. Another adjustment was made through “board core algorithm update” which mostly affected health and medically related website, so it was called Medic Update. Even though the focus was on these two types of websites, some other webpages were influenced, so they ranked better in the search engine results. Google advised the users not only to rely solely on SEO but to always work on the improvement of their website’s content.


Moreover, Google has also spent a lot of time on developing so-called Mobile-first Index. Primarily, Google web engine ranks website through desktop search, but since smartphones are now used daily, in some cases frequently than computers and laptops, Google had to develop a new feature. This fairly new search focuses on both desktop and mobile version of your website, thus providing you with a better ranking position on the result list.

When it comes to other SEO changes, Google has focused on its structure data and schema and has enabled many features such as:

  • speakable markup” (publishers are encouraged to mark a portion of the text they consider relevant and that text will be read by Google Assistant out loud on many different devices)
  • Job posting guidelines (Google requests that webpage administrators regularly remove jobs that are no longer available from the list and to make sure that all job requirements are listed within a job description)
  • Livestream with Indexing API – When you search for a live stream of a sports event or some award show, Google will rank them through API Indexing which allows the search engine to know which videos are streamed live

Even though SEO can affect varieties of websites, it is mostly used as a marketing tool to advertise companies and businesses. If you have just created a webpage to promote your business and need some help when it comes to ranking it better in the web search engine’s list, you can hire an SEO company that will help you with it. Marketing experts will help you to raise the traffic on your website through Local and National SEO, reputation management, social media marketing, etc. Once the number of visitors to your website is increased, they will assist you with the design and content of the page thus ensuring the growth of your business. Through Search Engine Optimization services they will boost the ranking of your website on any web search engine.


To conclude, the Search Engine Optimization world is constantly changing through websites’ structure and algorithms to provide the best service for webmasters.


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