8 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Hosting Right Away


Many times people wonder why we always clamor that bloggers and business owners invest in good web hosting. They wonder why we recommend they host their website with a reputable web hosting company like HostArmada.com. We do this because we understand that the web hosting provider you choose for your website can either make or break your brand. It can either promote your brand’s reputation or jeopardize it.

Choosing a bad web hosting company for your site can also affect the site’s SEO because of the regular downtime and annoying reduced load time on the site. To top it all, if your hosting provider now also lacks some solid security features, it can make you vulnerable to hackers and make you lose your valuable files to the wrong hands.

In this post, we have provided you some common yet important signs telling you to make a switch to your hosting provider right away. If you are already seeing some of these signs, it is just right about the best time you salvage your precious website and blog.

8 Signs Your Website Need a New Web Hosting Provider

1: Slow load times


One of the factors that determine whether your visitors are going to be converted into sales or not is how quickly your website loads. It can be pretty annoying to have to wait for a site to load when other sites can show you what you want at a simple click and in a couple of seconds. That could cause you to start losing your customers to your competitors.

One of the things that cause this is when there is no enough bandwidth across the host server. When a hosting provider sells shared hosting packages with too many people (common among cheap and poor hosting companies), the workload on the server becomes increased and that eats into the bandwidth across the server. This hence causes your website load time to be drastically reduced.

If you see that it’s taking your website more than 3 seconds to load, it might be a sign you need to change your web hosting provider and go for a better one.

2: Lack of essential backup features

On the normal ground, your web hosting provider should offer at least a weekly backup feature. You don’t want to lose essential files on your website, which is why regular backup is very important. However, when your hosting provider can’t provide daily or weekly backup, it might just be a sign you should find another provider.

3: Too much downtime

A good hosting company should ensure your website stays up running at all times. This can have a direct impact on your sales and conversion. But if your website is regularly down, you are already losing a bulk of your traffic to your competitors without knowing it. Make a change to your hosting and ensure your website is up 99% of the time your visitors come.

4: Poor security features


This is another red flag to show you that you might have chosen the wrong hosting provider for your website. Security should be one of the major priorities on your site. If your web hosting doesn’t provide you security features like firewall protection, anti-virus software, anti-malware application, and more, you just have to make the switch right away. If you stick with such a provider, you will soon be losing important data into the hands of internet hackers that are now everywhere.

5: Non-user-friendly control panel

Your control panel gives you the right access to various features and helps you manage your site’s operating system. Therefore, it should be as easy to use as possible. Having a clean and intuitive control panel will ensure effective management of your website and hence reduce the number of times you will need to contact customer support for help.

6: Insufficient storage space

Web hosting providers do allot a specific amount of hard disk space to all their customers on their server. The amount of storage space made available to you will greatly depend on the type of website you are running. However, as you grow in business, you might need more database storage space.

But if you think your hosting provider can no longer provide storage space to accommodate your growth, you might need to change your hosting provider to have access to more storage space and keep your website running at its best.

7: Poor customer support

Source:customer support hosting company

The truth is that at some point, you will need the help of your web hosting company. So a good web hosting company should have customer support that will be available just at the time you need them. It should have 24/7 support and should be accessible via email, phone, and chat.

If you think the customer support of your hosting company is not up to the level, you might need to make a change now before you are left stranded in the cold when you needed them the most.

8: High renewal fee

This might sound like a small issue, but the truth is that most hosting companies offer an extremely low price for new customers only to charge exorbitantly high for renewing their hosting packages. Check what your hosting provider is asking for renewal. If you think it is too high for the services they provide, why not leave them for a better web host.