Cena Appearing On Monday Night Raw?


We now know that John Cena will make his return on July the 4th, Tuesday, on Smackdown Live. The rumors are that he is going to announce that he will be a “free agent” which is going to be interesting to see. How will they explain why Cena is FA is going to be very important as the brand split is all about two brands having unique rosters.

There are also questions about whether or not he will actually appear on Monday Night Raw. As of right now, he is scheduled to be at some Raw house shows, for example on July 15th and July 16th. But, as far as being on Monday Night Raw, right now, there aren’t events that will air on TV that John Cena is scheduled for. On Monday nights SD live has their house shows, and John Cena is supposed to appear on all of them, from the July 4th – Post-Summerslam time span.

It’s interesting to note that during those live shows for the Monday Night Raw brand, John Cena is going to be wrestling against Roman Reigns. Maybe they are practicing for some future big matches that are for sure going to happen between these two, or maybe it is just a way to attract the fans to come to those live shows. There is no doubt that these two are going to meet in big duels.


WWE would be idiotic not to do Reigns vs. Cena at some point since that is a big money match, but it seems that there aren’t plans for that to happen in the near future. With the reports of Lesnar going up against Roman at Wrestlemania 34, this showdown will probably have to wait at least until Wrestlemania 35.