What Did Celebrities Look Like When They Were Babies?


It is always interesting to follow what is going on in the lives of celebrities and they baby photos continuously put smiles on our faces. The hottest stars also were sometimes cute or not so cute babies and here are some of them.

7. Beyonce

Beyonce is definitely the world most popular singer, and she is really hot, but she was a funny-looking baby. Some people believe that babies are the cutest little things while others have a slightly different opinion, but Beyonce managed to transcend her awkward-looking baby years and become one of the most beautiful women in the world. Beyonce’s records are among the best-selling in the USA and her influence on the others is just big.


6. Demi Lovato

The baby you see in the photo is not Susan Boyle although it looks like her. Demi Lovato wasn’t always beautiful as she is today and as a baby, she did look somewhat awkward, but still cute. It is really hard to say that that is Demi Lovato because today she looks so gorgeous. The change is really radical. Now, she is a singer and songwriter, and her famous songs are Skyscraper and Heart.


5. Tom Cruise

Puberty is a significant part of everyone’s life, and it is definitely a game changer for celebrities. Some people such as Edward Furlong lose the looks and become successful, while others, including Tom Cruise, search for their looks until they find it. The eyebrows and the teeth of the little Tommy were not that great, but after a couple of surgeries, he became the guy that can steal your girlfriend in a split of a second. He is in his fifties now, but he looks like he just reached thirties.


4. Katie Holms

Katie Holms looks wonderful today, but as a baby, she was not that cute. She was far from being ugly either, but it was just not one of those babies that melt your heart when you see it. This only shows that even celebrities were just kids like the rest of us who liked to play, smile, cry and do what babies do. Nowadays, Katie is amazing and elegant woman whose career started on Dawson’s Creek and she also played in Batman Begins and How I Met Your Mother.


3. “Drake” Bell

Jared Bell is a musician now and voice actor, but this guy was not the cutest baby, and he was funny as a child. Even though he now looks fine, he was chubby as a baby, and we don’t want to be mean, but he was a clear prune goblin. Although his looks changed, he continued to make silly faces today, so his character remained the same. Luckily for him, he lost some of that weight, and in the recent years, he hasn’t changed at all.


2. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson was a cute baby, and the reason why she is on this list is that you could have never guessed that that is Scarlett by looking at her photo. It is hard to predict how a baby will look in the future because everything changes in the puberty, but you can at least get a glimpse of what someone will look like. That is not the case with Scarlett. Nowadays, Scarlett Johansson is one of the most beautiful celebrities and an idol to teenage girls. Her roles in Lucy and the Marvel cinematic universe are some that remain memorable.


1. Halle Berry

We all know the story of the ugly duckling who turned out to be the beautiful swan – the same thing happened with Halle Berry, except that she took it to a whole new level. Nowadays, Halle Berry is the Oscar-winning actress who was a star in the movie Catwoman, and she is definitely one of the best-looking women in the whole world.