Carolina Panthers vs. Los Angeles Rams – Week 9 Picks And Predictions


Carolina Panthers got that much-needed win against the Arizona Cardinals in order to keep their season alive. They are 2-5 right now with still having to do a lot to make up some ground on their divisional rivals. This team is better than their record shows, but they need to keep proving that each and every round.

Rams are coming off a bye week. And Case Keenum needed one. Jeff Fisher is still believing in him even though he threw the ball more to the other team than to his teammates in London against the New York Giants. Carolina’s secondary is a mess right now, but their defense stepped up against the Cards and allowed them to take this one. Keenum needs a good performance here to keep his job.

Cam Newton has been complaining about some hits that he took in the past couple of weeks. Everybody is jumping all over him by saying that there is no place in this game for that. People are stating that he is a quarterback that likes to run and that this kind of stuff is bound to happen.

Well, Newton did specify that he needs to be protected while he is in the pocket. That is what he is saying, and it will be interesting to see what will the referees do with him this week. Rams are known for their defensive front, and they will need to get to Cam in order for Rams to win this game.

Carolina should be a big favorite in this duel. They are playing on the road, but they are a better team between the two. We are picking them to win this match and expect this one in Los Angeles to be a close game. Rams will fight like they always do, but Carolina will take it home with the final score being 24:21.