NFL 2016: Carolina Panthers Vs Denver Broncos Predictions


The Super Bowl rematch is always a very anticipated game and in this season opener, we will see Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos. Seven months-long wait time is over, and we are finally getting back to stadiums. Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated season openers.

Update 08/09/2016:

We are getting new information’s and new prediction’s from all sides, and most of those are in line with ours that Broncos will win this season opener. It seems that everything is in Broncos hands and that Panthers win would come as a big upset.

Don’t think that anyone is completely writing off Panthers, they are highly motivated after the Super Bowl game when they were stopped from taking the trophy for the first time. The team is very strong, and they are again gunning for the highest positions.

Thursday night, one game only, two big teams, what could you ask more? The Panthers are going to try to defeat the Denver, and they certainly want to revenge because they took them down in their first attempt to get Super Bowl.

Few things are different, but the biggest difference is that the game will be played in the Broncos’ home stadium. Every team has a huge number of supporters, but we know that Broncos fort is a place where it can be very hard even to hear the snap count on third down.

We could hear Panthers tight end Greg Olsen saying: “We can’t make or break our whole season on the first game,” He also added. “What’s done is done. The past is the past. We have a whole new season to look forward to. The more we try to hinge on correcting what happened in the Super Bowl, the more we’re going to get pulled back. We’ve got to move forward.”

Carolina Panthers Vs Denver Broncos 1

Both teams will be very similar to the ones we saw in Super Bowl game, but Denver Broncos will be without Payton Manning that retired. Instead of him, we will see Trevor Siemian, and we immediately can say that not a lot is known about him. Even the young QB throw 0 passes till now we are pretty sure that the team knows what they are doing.

It is interesting to add that 24-10 score in Super Bowl wasn’t because of Manning’s fantastic game, it was due to the insane defense of Broncos that didn’t change all that much from that game. We saw 15 of 24 points due great defensive play, and that is something we might see again.

We talked a lot about this game, it’s a season opener, and predictions are quite hard in this case. What we think is that Broncos will win but that the game will be very hard for both teams. It will be interesting to see what new QB can do. How will he cope with the pressure?

Let’s remember how it looked in Super Bowl 50 highlights: