Carmella Wins MITB Match… Again


There was a lot of backlash after the first ever women’s Money In The Bank as the man was the one to climb that ladder and grab the contract. Ellsworth will go down in history as the first ever superstar that grabbed that briefcase in the women’s ladder match. That is for sure something that WWE will want to forget as even they probably see how stupid that booking decision was.

Carmella got a nice heat after that win as she cut a great promo last week on Smackdown Live. Still, they booked Daniel Bryan to take the MITB briefcase from her as the win was tarnished by Ellsworth being the one to hand her that briefcase. Even though the plans were probably never to switch the winner of this match, looking back now, it seems that WWE wanted to write the wrong that they did at Money in the Bank pay per view and have the first-ever briefcase holder win the match on her own.


This battle was booked the right way as we had Ellsworth in the match, but he wasn’t the one to win it like he did the first time. We had a babyface close to winning the battle, but the heel was able to get up because of the outside help, knock the babyface down with the chair that is legal but also a heel move, and then the heel went up and grabbed the contract.

Becky Lynch was close to winning this match, but with the help of James and with the use of a chair, Carmella was able to beat her to the punch and win the MITB yet again.