Carmella Reveals Why She Is Not With Enzo And Cass Anymore


When all three were back down in the NXT, it wasn’t only Enzo and Cass that were a team, trying to win the title and make it in the WWE. It was also Carmella who was their manager and was always present at ringside whenever the duo was in the battle. But, as we have seen in the past year, this girl is not with Enzo and Cass anymore as she is trying to make it on her own.

In a recent interview that she did, Carmella talked about many different topics and gave some interesting answers to great questions that she was asked. One of them was the answer to the question about why is she not with the “Realest Guys In The Room” anymore. Here is what she said.

“When Hunter told me he said the reason why you’re not going with them is because you have the ability to make it on your own, you’re not just a hype girl for Cass and Enzo. You’re not, I see more in you, you have more potential and you’re gonna be fine on your own.”


Carmella has been decent at NXT without the duo, while she is still trying to make an impact on the main roster as a part of the Smackdown Live Women’s division. She also talked about trying to make her character as an over the top persona, somebody that people will recognize and pay attention to.

She has a relationship with Big Cass from Monday Night Raw, and this girl also spoke about how hard it is being in a relationship considering that they are not on the same brands right now. She does admit that it’s not easy, but that they are pretty much used to it right now after almost a year since the brand split took place.