10 Ways Car Tuning Can Make You Win Races


Are you looking for a way to win races without having to purchase a more powerful vehicle? Do you want to improve your car’s performance?

Tunning your car can provide you with these benefits. Working with a technician who administers your car tuning services with high-end state-of-art equipment can get you more horsepower, a cleaner burn, better grip, maximum performance of brakes and improved overall handling.

What is tuning?


We cannot tell for sure where the notion of modifying cars comes from (it was probably when the first vehicle lifted road dust), but one thing we can tell you, that the desire is quite present, advancing a new industry of services and products that has the purpose to satisfy the drivers’ need to stand out from the rest, show everyone they can do better, be noticed, and win races.

According to the type of modification, one brings to their vehicle, car tuning can be understood in various forms according to the kind of modification one brings to their vehicle. Some drivers call tuning when they change the parameters on a chip, while others refer to installing xenon bulbs, spoilers and some other accessories as tuning. At the end of the day, tuning implies improving a vehicle’s performance that was produced with a configuration similar to other millions of units. Most people who choose to tune their cars wonder why the manufacturer didn’t do better.

Generally speaking, serially produced cars come in basic versions, which means they can perform better if the driver adds specific enhancements. The aim of serially produced vehicles is for the general public to be able to afford and maintain them, so most cars are manufactured to achieve an ideal balance between performance and economy.

Supposing you want to upgrade your vehicle so you can win races, tuning is the best option. Here are 10 ways in which tuning boosts your car’s performance.

1. You get more horsepower

When you use your car for racing, you need more horsepower. If you tune your vehicle’s engine, you get more horsepower output, so you should consider this option. The ECU comes from the manufacturer with conservative software setting, including power settings, and most times, they deter the car’s ability to win a race against a high-performance vehicle. The standard features make the vehicle more stable under various conditions, but they cut its power. You change the air/fuel ratio and timing through chip tuning and give your car more torque and power. You can get the needed parts for tuning from a company that specialises in car tuning like Cooksport because they sell only high-quality equipment.

2. You get more fuel efficiency


An engine tune often improves fuel efficiency. The right chip tuning brings a substantial difference in the car’s fuel economy. Most times, the main goal of an engine tunning is to boost the fuel’s efficiency. However, you should know that more horsepower comes with high fuel consumption, so you should decide what you want the upgrade for when you use your car for racing.

3. The tune fits your driving style better

Your driving style should decide the type of engine tunning you do to your car. If you want to use your vehicle solely for racing, then you should inform the technician performing the tune to ensure that the car will fit your needs. Chip tunning allows you to decide what upgrades you want to make to your car to work at its best in the conditions you intend to drive it. Consult with the local technician and determine what improvements the vehicle needs.

4. Engine tune gives you a cleaner burn

A number of technologies work together to get the most out of your transmission, injection, fuel/air ratio, timing and fuel. The cleaner the burn the more power, efficiency and less build-up your car has. When you tune your car you should be selective of the type of fuel you pick.

5. Better grip


Changing the tyres is crucial when you use the car for racing because the optimum set provides a better grip in the corners when you accelerate away from the start line. Ensure that the pressure isn’t too low because it can make the tires heat up quickly and impact the overall responsiveness of the car. Increasing the pressure can boost the car’s responsiveness and speed, but it can also affect grip, so you need to experiment with different pressures to identify the one that works best for you.

6. Better acceleration levels

You can install a sport or race transmission to your vehicle to give it impressive acceleration levels. To obtain the perfect transmission, you need to adjust each gear ratio. When you upgrade the transmission, you can get the best performance from the car and reach a balance between quick acceleration and high-top speed.

7. The car is more responsive


During the tuning process, you can also change the toe to make the car become more responsive upon corners. Toe-in boosts the overall vehicle’s stability but can decrease its responsiveness when turning into a corner. Toe out improves responsiveness but makes the car unstable. So, you should stay away from maximum toe-out or toe-in to maintain the tyre wear from jenny chem at a reasonable level. You can also tweak the caster angle to increase the straight-line stability.

8. Better stability

Add anti-roll bars to increase stability in the corner and achieve a good balance. A good balance is essential when racing, so ensure your car doesn’t have a poorly tuned anti-roll bar because it can influence your ability to handle the car.

9. Improved overall handling

Adjusting the ride height boosts the overall handling of the car. This tweak lowers the centre of gravity and improves handling. However, ensure you don’t lower it too much because it can make the car become uncontrollable.

10. Maximum performance of the brakes


As you tune the car to make it fit for racing, adjusting the brake balance is vital to maximising their performance. Moving the balance to the back increase oversteer but decrease stability, and switching it to the front increases stability but reduces understeer. So you need to ensure that the technician finds the ideal compromise to lower the braking distance.

Here are 10 ways car tunning can help you win races.