Can Prescott Turn Into RGIII?


Dak Prescott has had an amazing rookie season as a fourth rounder at the quarterback position. Tony Romo going down first looked like a total disaster for the Dallas Cowboys, but that quickly turned into the thing that is going to give the Dallas Cowboys a quarterback of the future. Or did it? Is Dak Prescott really a QB that the Dallas Cowboys can rely on going forward?

Robert Griffin III was drafted second overall behind Andrew Luck a couple of years ago but has probably outplayed every single quarterback from that draft class. Wilson, Kaepernick, and Luck were signed in the same draft class, but it seemed like RGIII had the best rookie year. He led his team to the Playoffs, jumping out to a 14-0 lead against Wilson and his Seahawks before he blew out his knee.


When he came back, he was never able to duplicate what he did in the rookie year. Once, he looked like a sure NFL superstar of the future. Now, it seems that he is going to struggle to find a job in the league just a couple of years later.

Dak Prescott also looks like a star after his rookie year, but he might be falling in his sophomore season. They do have a similar playstyle where they can beat the opponents with their legs as well as with their arm, but the thing that is different is the fact that Griffin got hurt multiple times. Prescott did not.

Even though Prescott still has a lot to prove, there is no doubt that he will be ready to play when the opening Sunday comes. Griffin wasn’t ready, and that is the major difference between these two players.