Can My Dog Eat Raw Chicken


Taking care of another living being is one of the most complicated tasks anyone could ever encounter in their life. It is a complex task that is often misunderstood by other people as it seems so simple at the start. People often assume that you can easily do it because everyone has had an experience before, like looking after their neighbor’s pets. However, it is not an activity that you can do without thinking as it requires all of the skills that you need for your survival as well.

For example, dogs are one of the most popular pets to have around at home, as you can see here. They are rather ubiquitous in most cultures and have been in existence for more than ten millennia. The reasons why are almost too clear: these animals are some of the most loyal and faithful species around the world. It is almost incomparable to the next most domesticated animal, the cat. People love having these animals in their lives, but it is surprising how many misconceptions that people have about taking care of them.

Most of the time, these misconceptions can be found in their diet. People are often confused as to what they need to feed these animals as they can get wild. Some pet owners swear on common dog food as it works best on theirs. Others rely on what is available, choosing to feed them whatever humans are also eating at the moment. This is the reality in many households that do not have any extra money for their pet animals.

Dieting Fads

Diet is an integral part of anyone’s health, and not taking care of it is detrimental to everything. It builds up your body using the nutrients from these resources and making sure that they are put to good use. Dogs may have a different body structure than we do, but it is still important to give them the best. These are not just any other animal as they can be the best companions that you can have in your life. All it takes is some dedication when it comes to training and caring for them.

If you are wondering about food choices, then there are several that you can muster for them. However, there is an ongoing trend of pet owners giving their dogs some “natural” treatment. The natural method refers to a series of food options that you give to your pet that does not have any “artificial” element, including processing. These people who give these animals raw diets prepare food that is fresh and not even cooked for their animal’s diets.

Understandably, you might be skeptical of this as most would either give cooked food or dog food. However, raw diets mean that everything should be raw, including meat. As with the trend gaining more traction, people are starting to experiment with more risque options like raw chicken. It is well-known that canines love fowl, and you can see this with wild wolves hunting down almost anything with feathers. Domesticated canines followed the same suit, and, unquestionably, meat is good for our fur babies.

Many researchers suggest that it is safe for dog consumption to eat raw food. Some even go so far as saying that it is the best diet for the animal. Reports show that it is more affordable than buying dog food in the long run since most of these items can also be eaten by us humans. Also, there are other benefits like more nutrients and minerals, which are still being studied to this day. Some pet owners also say that it has improved their pet’s health drastically, and they do not plan on going back to other options.

The Real Truth

As it stands, dogs can eat raw chicken as their digestive systems are powerful enough to deter the microorganisms left in the meat. These are often purged through cooking for us, but canines can handle it quite fine due to their wolf-like qualities. According to pethempcompany, they can also take some CBD if they do not feel like it after eating the meat. However, it is generally safe to give to these animals, and you might want to consider it.

However, there are certain precautions that you would want to know before giving them to your pet. You must give them raw chicken a little at a time at first to get them used to it. Most bigger dogs can handle it quite well, but smaller breeds might have a rougher time. If the animal seems to like it has gotten sick after eating raw chicken, go to the veterinarian immediately. They can give the animal some medication to counteract the effects or induce the removal from their stomachs.

It is also important that the chicken is fresh, as it will have less time to develop the harmful microorganisms. Breast parts tend to be the best for these animals since the dark meats can be a little tough to digest. Also, make sure that it does not have any bones as this is not good for the dog. The bones are not digested by their system and could end up clogging their intestines. It would take surgery to remove them, so be careful when giving them chicken, as this link says:

All in all, it is best to give them cooked chicken instead if you are not sure about it. As we have mentioned before, little bites will not harm most of them. However, always consult your vet first if you are going to change their diet so that you can anticipate the possible outcomes.