Can Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Be NFL MVP?


Dak Prescott, although young, is one of the leaders of Dallas Cowboys and he is perhaps the team’s most talented player, next to Ezekiel Elliott. We should not forget the best offensive line in the league, thanks to which Dallas’ running game is on a high level, therefore facilitating an offensive success. Elliott is definitely the leader of Cowboys’ offense, but QB Dak Prescott is more valuable to the team.

Quarterbacks might not have as much contact as other players on the team, but playing at this position is not easy at all. Prescott has the honor to be under center for the America’s Team, and that is not a thing you can overlook. Just the fact that prior to him there stood some of the greatest names in Cowboys and even in entire football history, such as Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman is already putting pressure on the young star. And, of course, let’s not forget Tony Romo.

Meanwhile, Dak Prescott is playing well and although this is his second season he appears to be up to the task. This guy has already proven to be a tremendous leader, he is gracious and knows how to deal with pressure put by the opposing defensive lines. He is not the only one in the league who can do that, of course, but he is just 23 at the moment and the best years of his career are in front of him.

This season, the former fourth-round pick was estimated to go through the sophomore slump, but he proved everyone wrong. He is having a fascinating year after one of the greatest rookie seasons played by a quarterback in the history of the league, and that is admirable. Even though Dallas struggles this season, Prescott seems to be doing fine as he has already thrown for 1,818 yards, had 16 touchdowns and just four interceptions halfway through. Moreover, he showed that he can run, with 195 rushing yards and four TDs.

Of all active NFL quarterbacks, Prescott is at number one with the rating of 78.4. Being on the Dallas team is extremely difficult because the media watches your every move. Currently, the spotlight is on running back Ezekiel Elliott and his six-game suspension. Despite that, Prescott’s focus is firmly on the game and how to lead his team to victory, which he did in his last duel with the mighty Kansas City Chiefs, improving the Cowboys record to 5-3.

“We already knew Dak Prescott had something special in him, but Sunday was something else from the quarterback,” wrote Nick Shook for “Against a high-quality opponent, Prescott upped his play to exceed his nemesis, firing darts to five different teammates and using his feet to make plays when needed most … With the potential Ezekiel Elliott suspension seemingly forever looming, the play of Prescott is massively important. On Sunday, he proved he can handle the load.”

Prescott had 21/33 passes for the total of 249 yards and two TDs and one touchdown on the ground. After that performance people started speculating that Prescott has a chance to win an MVP award and one of those people was Rich Eisen who wrote on Twitter: “Today, @dak has been nothing short of terrific and most valuable.”

Some people disagree with the statements that Dak has a chance of winning the MVP this year and Peter King said that Prescott was not among the Top 12. He put injured Deshaun Watson from Houston and Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers ahead of Dak. Prescott is not even on the list, but his teammate Ezekiel Elliott is at that 12th spot.

Dallas has so many stars on the roster that it is difficult to select one player and say that he should get the most credit. It is easy to do that with the Patriots where Tom Brady is the team’s superstar, while beside Prescott and Elliott, Dallas has Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Lawrence and Sean Lee. Not all of these players are MVP candidates, of course, but do you think Prescott deserves an MVP this year?