Can Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal Win 2024 World Cup?


The World Cup in Qatar is coming. All the football/soccer fans from all over the world are excited. We barely wait for the biggest international competition to start and see which teams have the biggest chances to win it. There are some new players that haven’t participated in this competition as well. However, there are also veterans that are trying to become world champions. Some of them already had such a pleasure, while others are trying to get it before they retire. One of them is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Whether you like it or not, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players of all time. His current form is not quite good. Of course, he is no longer too young to play as before. Besides, the entire Manchester United squad is in a big problem, so his form does not need to surprise us.

Apart from that, we have all heard that Cristiano is dealing with depression after he lost a child. These things can easily disturb any person on this planet. He asked Jordan Peterson for help which means that football is probably the last thing he is thinking about right now.

So, Can Portugal Win World Cup 2024?

To be honest, we doubt something like that can happen this year. Most online bookmakers do not see them as the biggest favorites to reach the finals and get the title. However, that doesn’t mean the chances do not exist at all.

Generally speaking, playing for the national team is different. When you play for a club, you are doing that for money and for yourself (personal achievements). Unfortunately, that is the truth that we have to accept. A small number of people are passionate about the club where they are playing. There were players before that were loyal to the club. But, that type of loyalty no longer exists.

On the other hand, playing for the national team is a big duty and privilege at the same time. You are playing for your national team to make the entire nation proud. These international competitions are more emotional. An average player can turn into a real pro here. It is not a secret that situations like that have happened many times so far.

That means we do believe that Portuguese players are going to play hard. Cristiano Ronaldo may get the inspiration to remind the world how good he is (but, we doubt anyone has forgotten that). Also, their team is full of high-class players as well. Because of that, we should not underestimate Portugal at all. But, we still believe that some other teams have more chances.

So, Who Has the Biggest Chances to Win World Cup 2024?

We do know that many of our readers are big fans of “kumpulan situs judi bola terpercaya“. Because of that, we are pretty sure you would want to know who has the biggest chance of winning the World Cup in Qatar. Well, keep in mind that giving any precise predictions is impossible. But, there are online bookmakers and sports experts that made their own predictions. Based on our research, we managed to make a list of the biggest favorites. Let’s find them out!


Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only best player that hasn’t managed to win the world cup. As you all know, Messi hasn’t gotten the chance to bring the title to Argentina as well. Because of that, we are pretty sure that Argentinian players are highly motivated to grab the title this year.

But, motivation is not the only reason why Argentina is at the top of this list. We must not neglect their previous games. It is worth mentioning that they have a 32-game unbeaten strike. If they manage to win 6 more games or stay unbeaten, they will break the all-time record. Also, it is noticeable that there is good chemistry in the team, especially after these unbeaten games. Because of that, we are sure they will reach the finals, and, eventually, win the title!


Two neighbors are actually the biggest competitors at the same time. Brazil truly is full of individuals that are top-class. It is hard to highlight them all. They have a world-class goalkeeper (Becker), amazing strikers (Vinicius, Neymar, Firmino, Jesus, etc.), and a lot of other creative players.

It has passed 8 years since their terrible defeat against Germany. It is not a secret that the nation has stopped believing in this team from that moment. Their reputation was truly ruined. But, it seems that Brazil is coming back. Without any intention to underestimate other teams, Brazil’s group is not a big deal and they truly are the biggest favorites. If they have luck on the draw, we are sure they will easily reach the finals.


France is also on a winning strike. In the European Qualifiers group, they haven’t lost a single game. Apart from that, it is worth mentioning that this team is full of young players that are willing to show what they know to the world. Aso, after a long time, Benzema is coming back. He had a couple of brilliant seasons, especially after Ronaldo went to Juventus. The only reason why their third place is the lack of experience from the world cups that the young French players have. But, who knows; maybe young energy is strong enough to defeat other experienced teams.


Pedri, Torres, Gavi, Rodri, and other players are having wonderful seasons in their clubs. We are 100% sure all these players will play with the same or stronger passion for their national team as well. The Spanish national team knows how to win international titles. They are full of professional players in every position. We are sure they will easily pass the group stage and continue with good games after that.


As you see, there are some other national teams that have more chances of winning the world cup title. Of course, we do not want to underestimate Portugal at all. Besides, it happened many times in the past that some underdog reaches the final and wins the title. Who says something like that won’t happen this year?