Can Coffee Cause Anxiety?


We all have good and bad habits, but there is one that the vast majority of people have in common, that special type of love for caffeine-rich drinks. It is the most popular drink in the entire world, and since there are so many brands and types, there is something for everyone. On the other hand, because there are so many products and beverages rich in caffeine also have some side effects, especially for those who have no limits about how much they consume these products. Not knowing when to stop is the biggest problem and also why so many people link drinking coffee with anxiety, which is what we will further focus on. And for more facts on caffeine and this check Funky Smoothies.

It keeps us awake

Some people have trouble staying awake for a long time when necessary, which sometimes can cause many problems. Sometimes we need some extra boost to finish the night shift awake, and sometimes, we need to stay up all night to help someone we love, and no matter what the reason is, it can be pretty challenging not to fall asleep for those who are not more of a “night people.” Drinking a few cups can be a great way to get some boost, and it is something that most of us first do when we need to wake up or stay awake longer than usual.

As for the issues that this can cause, the main problem occurs when this becomes our habit, and we start drinking too much coffee and do it too often, so after a while, we get problems with our sleep, and we are all aware that a good night’s sleep is necessary for our normal functioning. Now, even though most health problems are caused by a lack of sleep, there are also other so-called side effects of drinking too many caffeine-rich beverages, and the stomach ache is just beginning. As for any type of anxiety, even though it is not a direct culprit, the lack of sleep or any other type of sleep deprivation can be, and coffee can cause it, so it is necessary to be moderate.

Its side effects might remind of anxiety

Drinking a cup or two of your favorite beverage a day cannot do any harm, no matter if you have a clean bill of health or have some chronic condition, but the problem arises when you overdo its intake. The symptoms that excess intake of coffee can cause are extremely similar to those that anxiety causes, and people can easily get confused by them. Understandably, this is why there is so much noise about coffee causing anxiety, but energy drinks also have a huge role in that, as most people forget to count the amount of caffeine these drinks have. The caffeine itself cannot cause anxiety, but similar symptoms may lead us to think so and even make the anxiety symptoms much stronger.

As for what those symptoms are, for starters, we can experience nervousness, a much faster heart rate, headaches, and breathing problems, which are characteristic of anxiety attacks, and one can have difficulties distinguishing them. Visiting a specialist able to check whether we have anxiety is always a good idea, but people are sometimes too afraid to do that, so if you are one of them and not sure whether it is anxiety or too much coffee, it can be easily checked. All you need to do is stop drinking coffee for some time, and if the symptoms are not linked to anxiety, they will disappear pretty soon.

Some medications are not a good combination with caffeine

Everyone knows about the side effects of drugs, especially those a bit stronger ones people with some chronic problem have to take on a daily basis. Now, just like pharmacists know which medicines you can combine and which you can never mix, the same rule applies to coffee, as some drugs that your doctor might have prescribed shouldn’t be mixed with caffeine, especially with any type of coffee. Sometimes these types of medication we use can have a bad reaction when drunk with caffeine, make us feel anxious, and experience all the common symptoms. Because of that, it is necessary to check the instructions before taking any medicine and make sure to do it as written to avoid some severe consequences and side effects.

On the other hand, we understand that drinking coffee is much more than just a habit, and those really fond of it usually think they could never stop drinking it, but sometimes it’s in your interest to do precisely that, avoid drinks rich in caffeine at all costs. Even though it can be pretty challenging for coffee lovers to avoid their favorite drink, it is sometimes necessary to do so. For those who simply cannot stop drinking it, try to reduce the intake, at least while using medications. Since caffeine is a psychoactive drug, it is used in various medicines such as pain killers, and drinking them in combination with coffee might lead to excessive caffeine intake and all the side effects it can have. Once again, it’s of utmost importance to consult and check with your doctor about whether you can or should drink coffee with the medications they have prescribed to you, among all other things.

It’s important to stay hydrated

Now, this is something that’s not just related to coffee as it is something more of a rule for any similar problem, as the more water you drink, the sooner you will get, in this case, caffeine out of your system. Water is essential to our bodies, and the fact that around 60% of our bodies are water speaks volumes. Those fond of a bit stronger coffee should drink even more water on a daily basis, and for a much faster effect, herbal tea with no caffeine will also do the trick. Above all, it’s also about the quality of the coffee, so even though the good stuff might cost a bit more, at least you will get a premium type which is great for both body and mind.