It might appear that BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) is trying to bring back the memory of its golden days of 2007. The current year is only few days away from closing, and the company seems to be signing off the year in style with the potential to make strong inroads next year.

BlackBerry has come out with the latest model of its smartphone, BlackBerry Classic, to reinvent itself in the smart devices segment. With a positive review already in its pocket, will BlackBerry be able to beat Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone 6, as well as, iPhone 6 Plus?

A Year of Big Screen

The year 2014 could be termed as a year of a big screen. There were several smartphone models from the staple of Samsung, LG, HTC and Apple. The cheaper version of the smartphone also enabled scramble for Android-based operating system. The recent launch of Apple’s iPhone entered the big-screen model with its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

As far as BlackBerry’s Classic, there are favorable reviews with opinions strongly favoring that it was a must have device. There could be a lot of reasons for arriving at a conclusion. For instance, it was not only compact but also powerful. On top of it, keyboards were termed as one of the best ever to be conceived.


On the battery life, BlackBerry Classic would provide 365 hours standby with a talk time of 17 hours in comparison with iPhone six’s 250 hours and 14 hours. It clearly points out that BlackBerry stands out better than Apple’s iPhone 6 in Battery life. However, there are other points where Apple scores.

On the size of the screen, BlackBerry Classic has 3.5 inches, 720x720px with 294 ppi while iPhone six has 4.7 inches, 750x1334px with 326 ppi. Similarly, on the processing power, iPhone 6 came up with A8, i.e. 1.4 GHz dual-core CPU, GX6450 quad-core GPU compared to Classic’s Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon, dual core 1.5GHz CPU and Adreno 225 GPU.

Similarly, as far as camera was concerned, both iPhone and Classic has 8MP. However, the rear side of Classic came up with 2.0 MP 720p whereas iPhone 6 came up with 1.2 MP 720p.
While comparison such as this could go on, it would be tough to change the mindset of consumers on Apple’s iPhone. However, there cannot be any denying fact that BlackBerry has come a long way in repositioning itself with the Classic brand.


  1. Quality is always better than quantity, BlackBerry has always been a Pro Business phone, its not for gaming or watching net flix

  2. iPhone has the equivalent of a 16mp camera as well as many other phone features that crush blackberry. The iPhone beats out phones with mire MPs head to head routinely.

    Oh and what is blackberries app selection? Almost nothing? It’s not even a smart phone if it can’t do anything smart.

    Blackberry needs to go droid and gve up its pipe dream. Even then it would die but would be more successful.

  3. Dear author, your article is obsurd. How can you compare a mid level querty keyboard to a high end full touchscreen. Why don’t you compare specs with the BlackBerry passport against the iphone 6 and see how the iphone ranks against it. The Classic is meant for existing BlackBerry customers that still have the bold or curve models to upgrade. Please stop writing useless articles

  4. Dear Mr. Ignorant author,
    you have not updated your knowledge, have you?
    please read some news on Blackberry. It is now focusing on enterprise customer. duuuh….


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