Can Anyone Get Weight Loss Surgery?

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Weight loss is the procedure to help people, who are obese and can not reduce it by dieting and exercise plan. If you are planning to take this surgery, there is a good chance you are getting plenty of instructions pre and post-operation from the doctor. Weight loss surgery works if it is severe. Doctors recommend it to people who are very overweight and who have serious health issues if they don’t lose weight. As an experienced surgeon, and as part of the consultation process, Dr Peter Hamer ensures all considering surgery are aware of the procedure, recovery process and lifestyle changes required after surgery.

Weight loss surgery for teens

Now the question is how do doctors decide who can have the surgery? Several overweight children are undergoing this surgery to shed pounds. Trying to figure out if a teen is ready for losing weight surgically is crucial. The operation for losing weight in young can be considered if:

  • Their age is at least 14 years or they have already gone through puberty. 
  • Their body mass index is 40 or greater with less serious medical conditions.
  • The body mass index is 35 or more with serious health issues due to excess weight such as sleep neap.

Doctor do look at several other aspects of which weight and age are just a part. Other things include:

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  • Is the patient healthy to go through the surgery?

Doctors usually work with the patients months before they go for the operation to improve their health conditions and make them ready. This process makes the surgery more effective and it becomes safe.

  • Is the patient emotionally strong enough?

People who go through weight loss surgery may have to deal with emotional and mental changes, deal with pain, recovery time and maybe some complications. The patient must be ready to handle these situations. 

  • Is the patient ready to make lifestyle changes after the operation?

People who decide to go through the surgery to lose weight must be ready to make lifestyle changes. They need to follow a diet plan, exercise regularly, take proper supplements and attend all their medical appointments. The operation may not be effective for long term if you are unable to follow this routine.

  • Will the family members help make weight loss surgery a success?

When it comes to a new way of eating and exercising regularly, it can be difficult without family support. Patients must have family members who can provide support both emotionally and practically. 

Should a woman have surgery before planning a pregnancy?

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If you are overweight and thinking about the pregnancy, Its high time you think about improving your health before getting pregnant. You must already be aware of the diseases due to obesity such as high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and stroke. For pregnant women, obesity is an even greater risk. It may lead to premature birth, increased risk of cesarean section, gestational diabetes, and other complications. A pregnant woman can consider going for bariatric surgery if:

  • They put health their top priority

If you are planning to have a baby, now is the time to work on your overall health, including weight, fitness, and nutrients. The healthier you are, the healthier will be your baby and your pregnancy. You may consult a nutritionist in your decisions for weight shedding. 

  • Consider the right time for the operation

The most common problem for obese women is infertility and is overcome by losing weight. Doctors recommend that a woman must wait 12-18 months before becoming pregnant after this surgery. This stabilizes the nutritional intake and reduces other risks of complications. 

  • You know risk factors

Most of the patients have a normal pregnancy after weight loss surgery. However, if you have other obesity-related issues such as hypertension or diabetes, consult the doctor in detail to avoid health risks which may affect your future pregnancy.

Evaluation for gastric bypass surgery

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Gastric bypass operation is the most common bariatric operation. In this surgery, changes are made to the stomach and digestive system. These changes limit how much food you eat and the number of nutrients you absorb which further leads to loss of weight. When a doctor conducts an evaluation for this procedure, the health care team considers the following:

  • Your weight history and diet routine: The doctor reviews your weight trends, eating habits, whether you follow an exercise routine, your stress level, and time constraint. 
  • Medical condition: Obesity leads to many other severe health issues that need immediate attention before the gastric bypass surgery such as nutritional deficiencies, kidney stones, blood clots, liver problems or heart problems. They evaluate your medicines and make you go through some physical and lab tests to verify. It is important for them to know if you drink alcohol or you smoke and how frequent it is. The result of these may help the team to determine the eligibility for your surgery. 
  • Mental status: There are certain mental health conditions which may stop you to maintain health benefits of weight loss surgery such as binge eating disorder, anxiety disorder or depression. 


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Talk to the doctor and psychologists if the weight-loss operation is the right decision. If it is, then what is the right time to go for the operation and which is the best method for you. Sometimes, doctors think that the patient is not ready and sometimes patient and the family decides not to go for it. Sometimes, people might even think that they may lose weight in other ways such as exercising and dieting– which may take time. 

This procedure may not be for everyone, but it may be worth for people who are very obese and the reason for their health issues is obesity. So talk to your doctor if you think you may benefit from weight loss surgery.

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