When you’re just getting started on a site like Instagram, it’s likely that you’re going to need a little bit of assistance when it comes to increasing your follower count. As a small business owner that just started utilizing social media for marketing purposes, I knew that I needed a little bit of help to get the job done.

So, I decided that I would do some research into buying followers and likes for my Instagram page. I came across Buzzoid during my search, and I wanted to share my experiences with the service and how it worked. I hope my Buzzoid review can help you to choose whether or not it’s right for you.

Why Buy Followers and Likes in the First Place?

Whether you’re someone who is looking to be a social media influencer or you run a small business and want to expand your reach, you need to have more followers and likes to be able to make that happen in an effective manner.

The problem is, Instagram already has millions of different accounts on it. While that’s great potential, it means that you’ll have to do something in order to get noticed by influencers and larger social media accounts. That’s where buying followers and likes can be incredibly advantageous to you as you get started.

According to stormlikes, followers and likes are essential when you’re looking to get the attention of potential customers or clients on social media sites like Instagram. Market research has shown time and time again that more interaction on your site equates to more opportunities to go viral.

Interaction is at the core of what you’re doing on the platform, and as you get more interaction, your page will show up in search results more often. The images and content that you share will be shown to people of all backgrounds, allowing your audience to connect with you and find your page more easily.

And that’s where the money comes from. As more people click through to your website and learn about what it is that you’re doing and/or selling, those likes, and followers are much more likely to become sales – and that’s what makes the initial small investment into a worthwhile option.

Is Buzzoid a Scam?

Absolutely not! Buzzoid is a platform that allows you to purchase Instagram followers and likes. They are, first and foremost, a marketing service that works directly with Instagram users in order to help them bolster their numbers.

So, instead of feeling like you can’t get ahead, Buzzoid allows you to get out of the shadows and into the limelight. They have multiple plans available, from as few as 100 Buzzoid Instagram likes or follows to as many as 10,000.

What does Buzzoid do right?

What makes Buzzoid so special? Is Buzzoid legit? Here are some of the reasons why buying Buzzoid Instagram likes is better than buying from any other website.

  • Prompt Service. When you buy Buzzoid Instagram followers, you will get them very, very quickly. Some other Buzzoid reviews say that they got theirs in 5 minutes to 12 hours. Mine came in over around the period of a few hours, trickling inappropriately so that Instagram wouldn’t end up flagging my account.
  • A Robust Refund Policy. I’ve never seen a better refund policy than the policy at Buzzoid. This answered the question of “is Buzzoid a scam?” for me. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the number of followers that you get, you can contact them within 30 days of your purchase and get a complete refund for the Buzzoid Instagram likes that you purchased.
  • Offers Permanent Likes and Followers. The likes and followers that you order from Buzzoid are not just going to be around for a short while. You’ll find that they stick around for good, or at least until an account is deactivated or removed for some reason. This permanency is essential when it comes to helping your page to grow and expand as time goes on.
  • Delivers More Likes and Followers than Ordered. I thought this was strange at first – I ordered a certain amount of followers, and I got about 15% more than that when all was said and done. I did some research to get a better understanding as to why, and I learned that it was an essential part of their business model. In short, technology doesn’t always work the way we expect it to, and Buzzoid wants to ensure that you get what you pay for, so they over-deliver to leave some wiggle room in case a few of the follower accounts don’t work as they should.
  • Budget-Friendly. One of the most helpful things about the service is that it’s really affordable to buy Buzzoid Instagram followers. Their plans run from $2.50 (USD) all the way to $70, and there are multiple plans in between, so you can customize your plan to what you need.

What could they improve?

  • No Live Chat (as of yet). I had a couple of questions that I wanted to have answered before I signed up, but they didn’t have a live chat set up yet. I was able to email them without any problems, however, and they replied to me within a couple of hours. This is more of a minor inconvenience than a con, but I hope that they add it soon.
  • Website Layout. No website can be perfect, and Buzzoid needs a little bit of work when it comes to having a user-friendly interface. You can navigate it well enough, but you need to be looking at the webpage in full screen to ensure you don’t miss anything.

 Do I Recommend Buzzoid?

Absolutely! Buzzoid was incredibly simple to use and I’ve found that it really has boosted my interactions, likes, and follows as time has gone on. Their affordability made it easy for me to tap into my potential and I saved a lot of time and effort on it – and there are a lot of other Buzzoid reviews that say the same thing.