Buying loose diamonds online vs retail store

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Find Exactly What You Want

There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring. Why spend thousands on anything, if it’s not exactly as you envisioned? If you’re looking for a beautiful princess shape with a $5000 budget, immediately you’re restricted to what the store has in that price range.

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The few they have might not have other attributes you want. You could spend all day looking at every jewelry store in town, and none of them could have what you imagined. Why settle for that?

Purchasing online, you can potentially have thousands of options. You can filter the search by shape, cut, color, carat, and clarity until it matches exactly what you or your fiancé always dreamed of. Here are some reasons why buying diamonds online vs. retail is a far better option.

No Pressure

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As suggested by, when looking for that perfect diamond engagement ring, walking into the jewelry store can be pretty daunting. As soon as you begin to look at the options, it feels like the pressure is immediately on, while the salesperson looks over your shoulder. Rather than being left in peace to make the right choice for you, someone is always trying to spin the option with the best profit margin for them, and pressuring you to spend beyond your budget. The store staff doesn’t truly care about your needs or preferences, but online, it’s all about you. Relax and browse at home, at work, or whenever it is convenient for you. Compare and contrast with other websites, with no one pushing you towards the wrong choice.

What You See is What You Get

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You might think that you should see the diamond in person before you buy, but in a retail store, appearances can be deceptive. Jewelry stores will spend up to 30k on highly specialized store lighting to make every diamond appear luminous, dazzling and beautiful. The harsh reality is, all that sparkle could just hide imperfections, and make it more difficult to see the true quality you’re paying for. They may give you a loupe, a small device with 10x magnification, but this is cumbersome to hold. There could be a large mark or flaw in the diamond, but the constantly moving light obscures your vision. If the diamond is mounted, the prongs could also be hiding things the store doesn’t want you to see. Online, you can’t touch, but your eyes are all that matters when it comes to diamonds. Websites have large photographs of 15-20x zoomed images. They are evenly lit, not designed to deceive you, but give you a clear and objective look to accurately grade and evaluate them objectively. You can be
confident that you’ll receive exactly what you see.

Everything You Want, For A  Lower Price

Online stores don’t have the overhead costs of renting buildings, hiring staff and security, or high insurance premiums. That’s what you’ll be saving when you buy an engagement ring online. Because of this, you could end up spending up to 45% more in a store. On top of that, many mall stores will sell improperly certified diamonds, trying to put a higher price on an inferior product. Online vendors get a smaller profit but more transactions. In most cases, they won’t charge you the 7% sales tax you’d be paying in person. Online, you get the best quality, but pay much less.

Not Convinced Yet?

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If you still find yourself hesitating, try to go to your local store and get some prices, then come home and compare your choices to what’s online. You won’t be disappointed with the result. If you’re in need of a second opinion and wish to receive unbiased advice, online sources are good to start with. Learn the best places to buy a loose diamond online or where to buy an engagement ring. Explore tons of articles and how-to videos and properly educate yourself on diamond buying 101.