10 Things To Have in Mind When Buying 4D Number Plates


Cars have long been not a luxury but a necessity. Only twenty years ago, the average family managed to function with one car, which is not possible today. This was influenced by the development of cities and the economy, as well as many other factors.

Most women are indifferent to cars and are happy as they manage to get from one place to another. It’s a little different from men. They enjoy the aesthetics of the vehicle, the sound of the engine, so you will often hear that they treat vehicles like pets.

What is especially interesting when it comes to the exterior of the vehicle are the license plates. Young people who want to be noticed and different pay special attention to this. For years now, personalized spreadsheets have been a real hit around the world. Sometimes these are interesting nicknames, and very often they are humorous character.

Either way, if you’re one of those who want it, be prepared to pay a few dollars more. Recently, 4D plates have appeared that make the exterior of the vehicle more modern. If you are in doubt whether to buy them or not, consider the following things.

Do you want to be noticed?

Cars with personalized and 4D tables are always noticeable. Think about whether you really want it. We assume that you will not mind being noticed because that is the point of the plate itself, but be aware that this way you will be easier to recognize by others in case the vehicle catches the eye of thieves.

Car stealing


You may not have known, but research has shown that vehicles with this type of license plate are stolen more often. Why? because they are easy to label as a target. It can also do this to you if someone recognizes you as an enemy. License plates will help him find you more easily.

Are you ready to pay more?

We have already mentioned that these plates will cost you a little more. Are you ready to pay? If so, you’d better come up with a bad name or joke!

Are there certain rules when it comes to font and font size?

Yes, there are certain rules that you must follow, and you will be the font of the letters (Charles Wright is required), the distance between the numbers must be 11 mm, and between the letters, 33 mm, and the size of the letters is also determined. But, if you have an oldtimer, ie a car stretch mark of 40 years, you can ignore these rules, set by DVLA.

What is the difference between 3D and 4D number plates?


The 3D plates are coated with a polyurethane resin that gives them shine, and the 4Ds are laser-carved so that the letters and numbers look elevated relative to the substrate. Best of all, they are well made, so that rain, snow, scratches, rock salt, and other causes of damage can not spoil their appearance.

Are 4D number plates expensive?


If we are talking about the basic set, ie the number plates that are randomly assigned to you, you will have to set aside about an additional 40 pounds for them, but if you want personalized 4D plates, the price will be a little higher.

Is the procedure for getting these plates too complicated?

The procedure is standard, no matter what kind of plates you want. What’s up to you is to just indicate that you want 4D or personalized, and it’s up to the police administration to do the rest of the work. If you have opted for personalized, take care that the text is not offensive, as this could be a reason to refuse to issue the desired.

Can I sell a car with plates like this?

Yes, you can sell the vehicle without any problems. Moreover, you may get a few pounds more if the future owner likes the design and text that adorns your vehicle from behind. There are people who, thanks to personalized 4D license plates, have raised the price of a car by several thousand pounds. Not bad, is it? If you still don’t want to part with them and want to transfer them to your new vehicle, that’s possible too. All you need to do is notify the driver vehicle and Licensing Agency and they are obliged to meet you and fulfill the request.

These plates are legal, but you have to take care of them, just like when it comes to classics. By this we mean that number plates must always be clean enough to see each mark.

What kind of text and numbers is not allowed?


Some of the examples that are banned are the letters HJ or HS, denoting Hitler Youth and National Socialism, the number 88 is also banned which represents a salute with a raised right hand. A combination of the letters BH denoting Blood and Honor, number 420 (not a national cannabis day) denoting Hitler’s birthday (April 20), then the letters SS, WAW (White Aryan War), and FG (Fuehrer Geburstag – leader’s birthday) is also not allowed. It seems that some Germans and Austrians still live in the past, so such tables were in demand because if they had not, they would not have been banned. Some license plate combinations are also banned in England, but they still have no problem with Nazism. The English are known as humorous people, so they often look for tiles like PU15SSY or DR12UNK, but that doesn’t really work for them.

Where can I order it?

You can get to these unique number plates by contacting DVLA, many dealers are there to meet your expectations and work on the design. On ukshowplates.com you can find more about it. There are a few more options, and it’s up to you to choose the one you consider the best and most affordable.