Business development internships in Asia


Before going on to business development internships in Asia, let’s first take a look at what business development is. Business development is a mixture of sales, marketing, and strategic analysis. People in this line of work can be involved in various things, from the development of the products and services to the making of marketing strategies, generation of the sale leads, closing deals, and negotiating. The main goal of business development is to establish new opportunities. This might involve looking for new markets, partnerships, and offering products or services to meet the customers needs better.

As you know, Asia is one of the fastest growing economic countries in the world. Various businesses are experiencing large potential in the Asian market and some companies even choose to move their base to an Asian country. Business is expanding and booming like never in the past, hence this fact makes Asian countries perfect for gaining valuable experiences. With an internship in business development, you will be able to learn how a business is developed.


You will be able to find internships in business development in almost all Asian countries, however, the best and most popular choices are Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea, hence, today we will be looking at internships in these countries.

Internships in Japan

As you know, Japan is one of the countries that has all aspects, including the sky-high modern buildings in the capital city of Tokyo, the magnificent sight of Mount Fuji, and their traditional culture. The country has modern and new technology that cannot be found anywhere else in the world and with an internship in Japan, you will have the chance to learn, explore, and experience wonderful things that this country has to offer. If you apply for a business internship, you will be able to work on various projects like conducting research and looking at potential customers, reaching out to partnering companies in order to explore new business opportunities, working with development managers to analyze the market status, conducting business development projects by looking after large databases of international corporation, and preparing presentations and sales pitches. You can visit this website if you want to learn more.


Internships in Thailand

This extraordinary country has amazing Buddhist temples, breathtaking sandy beaches, and amazing landscapes. The Kingdom of Thailand offers a lot of culture, tradition, and history, however, it is a rapidly growing country, hence an internship in Thailand would be a perfect opportunity for you to experience these things. Also, an international internship in Thailand in your resume will be highly valued with the employers looking to hire in the future. Same as Japan, you will be able to participate in different projects, hence, you will be able to learn various things from the people you will be working with.


Internships in Singapore

This state, also known as The Lion City is a big business hub in Asia and it is one of the world’s most prosperous countries. An internship in wonderful Singapore would be great for young professionals and students looking for an amazing experience. Also, Singapore is referred to as one of the cleanest cities in the world. By having a business development internship in Singapore in your CV, you will easily make yourself stand out from the crowd. The internship will not only boost your skills and knowledge, but it will also boost your global professional network.


Internships in South Korea

South Korea is a dynamic and unique country that offers beautiful nature, one of its kind culture, and amazing cuisine. Korea is recognized as one of the top technology hubs in the world. This country offers a great opportunity to acquire an international working experience for people looking to advance in the business development world. With Korean companies rapidly expanding, working opportunities have expanded as well. The business development industry is well established and it is a very popular choice to undergo an international internship.



If you are looking for an internship in business development in Asia, these four countries are probably the best choice for you. You will not only be able to learn about business development, but also explore the wonders these countries have to offer.