Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets – Week 17 Picks And Predictions


Buffalo Bills decided to let go their head coach Rex Ryan and their defensive coordinator, Rex’s brother, Rob Ryan. Their two-year tenure with the squad is over as the Bills decided to relieve them other duties on Tuesday afternoon. The management didn’t want to wait until the season was over to make that move.

Also, they are going to bench Tyrod Taylor in the final week of the season as they don’t want to risk him getting injured in this meaningless match. That would impact their cap for the next season in a big way. Taylor is not being benched because of his performance, it’s just a business move. EJ Manuel will get to start against the Jets.


New York has had one of their worst games of the season against New England this past weekend. That alone says a lot about their performance on Saturday as almost every duel was horrid for the Jets. They have also stated that Petty will miss the final round of this campaign, so that might call for Fitzpatrick to make, probably, his last start wit the squad.

Two divisional rivals, going head-to-head in Week 17, with disappointing 16 weeks behind them, playing in a match that really doesn’t mean much. Jets are a mess right now, so we are going to pick the Bills to win this game. Buffalo has been a better team all year long, and they will prove that on Sunday as they will beat New York 27:17.