Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots – Week 4 Picks And Predictions


When Rex Ryan‘s teams are going up against the Patriots, you know that it’s always going to be a fun week of his comments. The games are usually good too. Bills are going into this matchup after that huge victory over Arizona while New England has just steamrolled over the Texans on Thursday Night Football.

A quarterback situation in New England won’t be a mystery after this week. Tom Brady will be returning for the next round match against the Browns. But as of right now, we don’t know who is going to start against the Bills. Both backup QBs are banged up. But whoever starts against the Bills, he will be protected by Patriots’ Bill Belichick and his game plan.

Patriots are great all around, the running game is blossoming right now, their plays are unpredictable, and they devastate enemies. Belichick’s defense hits hard, makes plays and bends sometimes, but doesn’ break.


Bills have saved their season last week against Arizona, but now they need to continue with a winning streak. Patriots will be a tough task for this team, but Rex always has a good defensive gameplan set against Tom Brady. He won’t see him on Sunday, but still, Garoppolo or Brissett will have some troubles with his defense.

We think that Garoppolo is going to be under center in this game and that he will lead his team. Patriots are looking like a superior team right now, and they should be able to prove that on Sunday. But, don’t expect the Bills to lay down and give up. They will give Pats a run for their money, but Belichick’s squad should survive this game and take the win with 27:20.