Bruce Arians’ Elite QB Fits Dak Prescott


When it comes to planning the game on the offensive side of the ball, there is almost nobody better in the NFL than Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians. The play calling is in his hands, and this man knows what he is doing as Cards have been pretty good since he arrived in town. They did have a bad season a year ago, but that was an exception and not the rule. Arizona is poised to come back just as strong as they came on in the last couple of years.

When Arians was talking about what the perfect quarterback needs to have, the first thing that he mentioned is that those young guys need to understand the complexity of the NFL game compared to the football on the college level. In his opinion, that is what separates those young QBs that come into the league and fail and those who succeed right away, like Dak Prescott did.

Heart and respect are some things that QB needs to have according to Arians. The guy that is throwing the ball doesn’t have to be a loud, vocal leader, but everybody on the team needs to respect him. If they don’t do that, it means that they don’t trust him to lead them to the promise land.

A Quarterback needs to stand firmly on the ground, not get too high or too low. He should be a leader, doesn’t have to be somebody that yells all the time, but he needs to lead the team in his own way. The grit and the grind must be present, and he needs to lead by example. Those are all the things that young Dak Prescott has shown in his rookie year, and that is why Dallas fans can hope that he is the franchise signal caller that they are looking for.