Brooklyn Nets – The Worst That NBA Has To Offer


We are nearing the halfway point in the 2016/2017 NBA season. There are a lot of bad teams in the league, and most of those are still young squads that are trying to develop their players into future superstars. And also, there is that one team that stands out. That team is the Brooklyn Nets, an absolute abomination of the NBA.

They have the worst record right now out of all the teams. Nets have won just eight matches, and their record is 8-26 as of right now. They just lost to the Atlanta Hawks in a blowout game. It was not even close, and that has now happened for a couple of times in a row.

Usually, when the squad is as bad as the Nets are and have that kind of a record, they can hope that their miserable season will be awarded with a high draft pick. The Draft is the place where NBA teams can be rebuilt. But, the Nets do not have that luxury. The Boston Celtics have the right to swap their pick with the Nets. That means that Celtics will get that great pick that the Nets are supposed to have while Brooklyn is going to get Celtics’ first round choice that is going to be in the bottom third of the first round.

You think that is bad? Well, the Nets are likely not going to be any good next season as well. Boston Celtics have their first round pick in 2018 NBA Draft. They don’t have to swap their’s with Nets’ one as they will get to keep their own and also will get Nets’ high draft pick. That is why the future doesn’t look good for Brooklyn, and that is why they are the worst thing that NBA has to offer right now.