Brock Lesnar Destroy’s Roman Reigns…Again!


We are just less than two weeks away from the biggest show of the year in the world of wrestling. WWE is trying to build up this Mania card that really looks good on paper. The actual build has been decent, nothing special, but we can say that they have done a better job for this one than they have done in the past couple of years.

To be honest, this feud between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar has been a tough one to grade. Even though the WWE has not made this story predictable and overly boring, we kind of expected more. After all, this is the main match for the red brand, and we do expect a lot from the feud for the battle that is likely going to close Mania.

Lesnar finally showed up last week and he confronted suspended Roman Reigns who wasn’t supposed to be there. He beat him like he stole something with those chairs. Man, did Roman take some brutal shots from Lesnar.

After Reigns was put on the stretcher, Brock came and turned it upside down, showing his dominance and ending the segment on a high note.

Paul Heyman did announce that Roman is not in the building for Monday’s edition of Raw, but he did show up, and he took the chair, ready to retaliate and get his revenge from last week.

But, Lensar was prepared for what Roman had to offer, he successfully defended himself and did the same thing that he did a week ago.

That is what we are saying about this being a bit disappointing since they really couldn’t think of anything else to do. The fight scenes were cool, and the chair shots are brutal, but we want to see more.