Most of you will not be able to believe that there is something like an angry kitten. They are little, they are fluffy, and most importantly they are cute, so how on God’s green earth can they be angry? Well, as it seems everyone has its bad side and when you irritate them enough, it surfaces, but despite their bad side and anger, fluffy little demon look, they are still adorable.

angry cats

If you wonder what exactly can irritate a small kitten, you would be surprised how long the list is from strange people, new surrounding all the way to other cats who do not like the company. If you ran into a kitten that isn’t having a good day or is having mood swings the best thing to do in that case is to pull back and let them have some privacy and space, especially if you want to avoid the threat of gaping scratch and bite wounds. If you are not that type of a person though, a few treats will definitely speed up the process of returning your angry kitten into one sweet ball of fluff. There is always the possibility that your cat is grumpy because it’s simply hungry so keep some treats on you at all times.

But enough of chit-chat, enjoy the pictures of these furry little sweets that are just having a bad day or something!


cat angry
angry kitten
angry kittens 1
angry cat 850x478
angry kitten 1
angry kitten waldek dabrowski 850x586
angry cats 1
angry kittens 2


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