Brice Butler is the guy that had 15 catches in 2017, and he has 73 in total during his five-year career. Not impressive, but it is so given the fact that he didn’t have the opportunity he needed to make better results, or at least that is what he states. This guy also claims that if Cowboys gave him more field time he could do better than Dez Bryant if he had his 132 targets. Butler is becoming a free agent in March this year, and with that, he basically gave an ultimatum to the Cowboys – play me, or I’m gone!

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Butler gave a statement to The Herd, via the Dallas Morning News and said “With Dallas, the situation has to be right for me to go back. I have to be a starter. If I’m not starting, I’m not going back.” As far as his stats are considered, Butler played 261 offensive snaps which bring him to fourth place among the team’s wide receivers, and that is with Dak Prescott who targeted him only 23 times in 490 attempts. For Undisputed Butler stated “I think in this league, when you think about the business aspect, you’ve got to follow the money trail,” and added “Both of our starters made money. Terrance [Williams] just got paid last year. So there were times where I was like, ‘I’m making plays, aren’t we trying to win games? Why am I not on the field?’ But that’s the only thing that I can really think of.”

Derek Dooley dallas cowboys

On the other side, the Cowboys are making some changes, and it will be at that position. Dallas receivers coach Derek Dooley left the team and went to the University of Missouri, but that is not all. Other changes will possibly mean that the team will ask Bryant to take a pay cut, while Butler might be seeking his chance somewhere else. Pay cut for Bryant does and doesn’t have sense, especially when you consider that he made 69 catches for 838 yards and six touchdowns. But according to Butler, he is “100 percent” confident that he could do better than Dez if he had his numbers and opportunities.

Butler, who led the team with 21.1 yards per catch average, is insisting that “Because I’m ready. It’s my time. I’ve been there for three years. I feel like me and Dak have a really good relationship. We work on routes. There’s times that we might not have completed a square-out throw in practice, and we’re taking that time out in practice to actually work on it. So I think that’s why when you saw us in the game, he tried to come to me, and most of the times we produced”


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