BREAKING: Roman Reigns Swapped for Kurt Angle At TLC


Tables, Ladders and Chairs is the pay per view that was built around this huge main event. The Shield is one of the most popular and beloved factions ever to step a foot in the WWE ring. Even though it has been more than three years since Seth Rollins broke up the team, the fans still love the trio, and they wanted them back in action. The company had no main event attraction for this show, so they decided that going with The Shield reunion is the best way to go.

Well, it seems that the fans are going to be again left without the trio in action. It was reported today that Roman Reigns was pulled out of the pay per view and that he is going to be replaced by Kurt Angle. Some kind of illness is plaguing the WWE roster, and the initial reports are saying that this is most likely the reason why the company pulled their number one out of the event.


Now, Kurt Angle is going to step in the ring after 11 years since he last wrestled for the WWE. They panicked a bit with this decision to put Angle in the match as they needed to have some big attraction in the main event.

This is for sure going to get people to tune into the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV as Angle is not only the WWE legend but is considered a legend in all of the wrestling. There were always questions about when will he wrestle with the company again. Even though most of the fans knew that he is going to come back eventually, nobody really thought that it was going to happen this quickly.