This is probably one of the biggest news that we have had in the WWE over the past couple of years. Yeah, the news about the brand split was huge, and there were a couple more like Angle returning, but this is maybe even bigger than all of that. After years away from the ring, Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to the ring.

Now, we need to take this information day by day. Everybody is excited right now, and we can understand why. This man was so over with the fans that we can’t name five people that the WWE Universe supported more than Bryan in the past 15+ years. This dude was supposed to be the next face of the company. Whether the WWE liked that or not, the fact of the matter is that Daniel’s popularity was off the charts.

He has had a lot of concussion problems and injuries that are not taken lightly by the biggest company in the business. Because of that, their doctor Maroon didn’t clear him to wrestle and he was forced to retire. Now, he got opinions from doctors all around the country and he got the green light from every single one of them.

It seems that WWE’s doctor has given him the green light as well. We are going to have to wait to hear from Bryan in the coming days and talk about his return, but now there is no doubt that he is going to fight in the ring.

At this point, whatever comes from this, we don’t know whether or not this is going to be just a one-time thing, or is this going to be a long-term deal to keep him away from signing with other companies. If he wrestles at Mania, there is no doubt that the card for the show becomes a lot greater.