Braun Strowman Rising To Main Event Level On Raw


Braun Strowman made his debut back in 2015 after the Summerslam. He became a member of the Wyatt family and made an impact right away. Even though he was very green in the ring, he was made to look pretty dominant. He was separated from the Wyatt family after the brand split happened and that was the right move to make.

Since the Draft, he has improved in the ring dramatically. Now, he is showing us much more ability in the squared circle that he did when he debuted. Strowman is a big wrestler who has pretty decent athletic ability for a man of his size. WWE is finally using him like they should as he goes out there and wrecks everything that stands in his way. Losing to Roman at Fastlane was not good for him, but the writers are already starting to make up for that.


He went berzerk on Roman Reigns this past Monday Night in one of the most brutal segments that you are going to see all year long on both shows. Strowman adds that sense of legitimacy to the company as he really looks like a guy that is tough to bring down. That is how they are booking him, and that is why he is soon going to enter a main-event level spot on the roster.

There is no doubt that the fans are behind him. They see that he looks like a legit threat to everybody, this guy is not pushed like a Superman, yet he is dominant enough for everybody to think that he is for real. If they keep booking him the way that they have in the past couple of months, and he keeps delivering the way he had, there is no doubt that the future is bright for the Mountain of a Man.