Braun Strowman Makes A Statement About His Injury


An injury that Braun Strowman sustained on the Euro tour that WWE had is a devastating blow for the Monday Night Raw and the WWE in general. He is the best thing on the red brand every single Monday as the company has done a phenomenal job with him ever since the brand split happened. They have failed to make some new stars in the past couple of years as many believe that they haven’t done that enough, but they succeeded to do it with Strowman.

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He was just entering the main event level as he was supposed to be the number one contender for the Brock Lesnar‘s Universal title, but those plans were put on hold as he is going to miss up to six months with the injury. Raw has already moved on as they have booked a fatal five-way number one contenders match that is going to close out the Extreme Rules PPV.

After the surgery went successfully, Braun Strowman took to Instagram in order to express his feelings about the current situation. He knows that he was just on the verge of doing some big things, but that the injury Gods had some other plans. Here is what this guy had to say.


“Sometimes life throws you unexpected obstacles. Things will get in the way of your dreams they always do. How you handle your setbacks is what makes the difference. I could sit around and think what could I have done to avoid this what did I do to deserve this. Y? Y? Y? I say the hell with that. There’s no time for excuses and pity party’s! Every day Is a day I get the opportunity to grow stronger, every day I push myself further cause I refuse to let this slow me down. Nothing can stop me from being the best.”