Boris Becker: I would put my life in Djokovic’s hands


Boris Becker celebrated his 49th birthday yesterday, but his biggest wish wasn’t attached to his personal aspirations and desires, but it was related to his pundit, the world’s currently number two Novak Djokovic.

The contract that ties Djokovic and Becker together expires at the end of this season, and former German tennis player had a word or two to say about that and Djokovic. His words were more than touching and here’s what he said: “I would love for us to stay together but the boss (Djokovic) decides that. He’s a competitor, and he has this deep inside his heart. If I could choose a man to play for my life, I would choose Novak. That is how much I trust him.”

He also commented on the last six months of the current season in which Djokovic went trough a couple of crisis: “Previous six months were the toughest ones since I joined his team. To tell you the truth our hands were tied; we didn’t know what to do since Novak was focusing more on priorities outside the turf. He spent a lot of time with his family and was dealing more with his business en-devours. But, he deserved the rest, because for the last two and a half years he was playing like a machine.”

Becker also draws positives from Djokovic’s latest defeat at the hands of Andy Murray. He is of the opinion that this will serve as an inspiration for Novak for the upcoming season.

Here’s what Boris had to say about that: “Novak didn’t have any real adversaries anymore. Nadal and Federer simply disappeared. Andy was always ‘the fourth man.’ This defeat was welcomed for Novak because it hurt a lot. It will both inspire and motivate him. In the end, it seems like this was a good end of the year for him. First six months were unbelievable. The peak of the season was winning of Roland Garros which meant that he was the holder of all four Grand Slams which didn’t happen since 1969 and Rod Laver. Naturally, his motivation was a bit off afterward and didn’t know what was the next goal that he want’s to put ahead of himself. The end product was that the guy named Andy Murray won everything that he could get his hands on and Novak’s first place fell in jeopardy. Djokovic wanted to relax in Paris and Shanghai, and the duel for first place eventually took place in London. It was the biggest match of the season for most of the fans and these two players. Novak had more to lose but Andy was a better player on the day and for the past six months and deservedly took the number one spot. Everyone from Novak’s corner is disappointed, frustrated, we had no sleep after London duel, but Andy was the better player and deserved to be where he is now.”