How to Boost Your Hospitality Business


Hospitality as a business includes a variety of different fields. What defines them all is the constant need to improve and stay ahead of competitors. That’s not an easy task. It is a hard one to tell you the truth. Considering the direction our society is taking the ideal way to boost your hospitality business is via modern technologies. Software solutions such as are an ideal way to stay tuned to the ongoing situation in the business and to rise above competitors.

Do you have an idea how to do this? Probably not, and that’s why you’re reading this article. When the situation is ideal, the work is going well, and there is no need to change anything, right? But, hospitality is no ordinary business. It is mostly based on working with people. When you work with people on a daily basis, constant improvements are needed. Luckily, today you do not have to rely only on your fellow man, but you can also rely on technology.

Improving your business operation by using modern and up-to-date software or any other piece of technology is essential for progress. All that is left is to learn what technologies to apply, and how to do it. This is where we’re going to take the main stage. Below, you’ll find a few ways which will show you how to boost your hospitality business via modern technology.


No, it is not what you thought of first. Joking aside, PMS stands for the property management system. If you want to implement any software in your business it is best to start with PMS. Why do you need it? It is simple only because it is essential. With proper PMS you can have all of your bookings processed automatically. Thanks to it, staff employed to deal with bookings start operating with more efficiency and stricter effectiveness.

Once you get accustomed to this software you’ll notice how dealing with reservations, delays, changes of dates, and canceled bookings become much easier.  If you have a growing business the need for a property management system increases with each passing day.


Similar abbreviation, but a different function. Another tool that is vital in the domain of hospitality.  No modern establishment can’t work without a good revenue management system. After all, revenue is what matters the most to every businessman. This software operates with one primary goal in mind – pricing strategies.

It is all about selling more rooms while having good rates. Hospitality is a dynamic field. Managing quickly through even the smallest of details tied to revenue is vital for financial success. With the right technological output tied to forming the prices, and putting them out there, you are almost guaranteed to notice a spike in revenues. That’s what RMS is there for.

Distribution Channel Manager

When you operate a property tied to the business of bookings the ideal scenario is to work directly with customers. But, we do not live in an ideal world. That’s why hotels, for example, work on finding other distribution channels. It is a must in this day and age.

Among the channels that are not direct but stand out in hospitality, you have travel agents as the most known variable. With software that will operate as your link between various distribution channels, you’ll have them work more efficiently.

Reputation and Review Management Software

Reputations are everything. Back in the day, the only way to have one was by word of the mouth. Today, the times have changed. Online reviews are all over the place. They’re the ones that form a picture of every business out there. You need to be able to track them to receive the needed feedback from your customers. By installing this software you will be one step ahead of competitors.

Today, we have many online platforms that influence the way we conduct business. You need to be able to collect all the reviews on your business and spread the positive ones around by using these same platforms. Reputation and review management software is one of the best ways to build your reputation.

Mobile CheckIn App

The era of smartphones is upon us. It started a few years back, and the way things stand now it will never end. We like it like that. Hotel owners too. Thanks to the millions of apps we have today it was possible to design a few that will bode well with the hospitality business. What hospitality strives for is self-service. This is the searched ideal. It has become a necessity to allow your customers to check in on their own via the mobile app.

This saves everyone a lot of time and hustle. In the end, this combination will result in more money. Everyone wins. With a proper mobile app, you will never again be short-staffed.

Website Builder

You need a website no matter what business you run. This is the norm of today’s society. Technology has come a long way. With a website builder, you’ll be able to create a website for your hospitality business. If you don’t have one it will immediately give you the massive boost you’ve been searching for.

Without a website, none of the options from above can be fully functional. This shouldn’t be an option, as many companies operate in this field. But, for any of the suggestions, we made to work you need to read the last paragraph. It is the essential one.

Partner Up

You can be a leader in the field of hospitality but that doesn’t make you a tech expert. It is important to admit this and recognize the need to find a partner who operates in this domain. Companies such as Acropolium are leaders in software solutions tied to hospitality. As we already suggested in the introductory paragraph you should check out their offer, and conclude that you have found yourself a partner. When it comes to applying technology to the hospitality business you need to ensure that you have the right people to work with. Partner up with a company that can cover this side of the hospitality business for you.