Boku No Hero Academia – What we know about Season 2


Since the first season of Boku No Hero Academia ended, there have been numerous rumors about what we can expect to see in the sequel of this highly popular anime series. Before we move on to the specific details about the further development of the anime storyline, we should first note that, unlike Season 1 which comprised 13 episodes, Season 2 is expected to have at least 20 or even more.

Now, when it comes to the plot, the anime will mostly follow the events from the manga series on which it is based on. The next arc will focus on Class A heroes and their competition with each other. It will be particularly interesting for fans of two characters – Shouto Todoroki and Ochako Uraraka, as these two will receive special attention, especially Uraraka who is on her way to become more independent. In addition to this, the arc will also introduce one more character, Mei Hatsume.

Even though the focus will be on Class A, we will also get to know more about Class B heroes, but they still won’t play some important role in the upcoming season, if the creators choose to stick to manga series, as expected. We doubt they will rush the storyline just to get to some exciting parts more quickly because they must be aware of the fact that such choice would inevitably have an impact on characters’ development, so it’s not worth the risk.

Furthermore, Boku No Hero Academia next arc will reveal more about All Might’s past when Midoriya meets a person who used to know him. Not only will this arc shift focus from Todoroki and Uraraka to Midoriya and Lida, but it will primarily follow the main villains and the way they all eventually join up.

Boku No Hero Academia – New Season Release Date

All things considered, the upcoming season sounds promising based on what has been revealed so far. It is set to see the light of day in April this year, so you will have the chance to see for yourself soon enough. Don’t miss the premiere!