Blue Exorcist Season 2 – Spoilers


Blue Exorcist Season 2 would be a perfect time for Rin to learn how to control his powers finally. The revived Impure King must be destroyed before it corrupts the entire city. On the other hand, Rin would need, at last, to learn how to control his flames properly.

In Blue Exorcist Season 2 episode 7 we saw Rin’s escape from prison with the aid of his classmates. One of them is Shiemi who became Rin’s largest emotional support. Nonetheless, Rin is still unable to draw the sword and use Satan’s blue flame. He has a fear of hurting someone with his flames, and it causes a psychological problem in his head. At this point, he will come to battle as a usual high school student carrying a log.

In some of the previous episodes, we saw that Todo would revive the Impure King. He deceived Mamushi, one of the Myoda Sect students, into helping him revive the Impure King. There are some stories which say that the Impure King spread a plague of decay, fever, and miasma 140 years ago and consequently over 40,000 people died.


Rin and his friends will find the growing Impure King and try to stop him. Rin and Ryuji will go to the site while the others will stay nearby to help more people evacuate. In the meantime, Yukio will fight against a potent Todo who absorbed the Kaura by force.

According to the original manga, Yukio will awaken his demon powers, and his eyes will change to the demon’s ones. Todo will push him in the corner and make him hate Rin by exploiting his emotions. Despite the fact that they are twins, Yukio didn’t inherit Satan’s power.

In the meantime, the main character will try to destroy the Impure King and Ryuji will cast a protective spell. Eventually, Rin will learn how to control his powers and emit blue flames to defeat his enemies.