Blue Bloods Season 8 – Will It Happen?


The popular American police procedural drama Blue Bloods first came out in 2010 and its seventh season has been running since late September 2016. Namely, the fate of the series is uncertain, since there are some unusual speculations that there will be no season 8.

It seems that Tom Selleck is in the middle of several discussions all over the internet that the show might be finished with its seventh season. This sounds impossible, bearing in mind its rather impressive viewership ratings. According to these rumors, the makers of the series have come across some problems with the budget. Namely, each time the show gets a green light for its renewal, the production of a new season costs significantly more due to some changes in the cast and plot.

Another problem that seems to appear is the paycheck of Tom Selleck. As we know, he plays the central character of the show, Commissioner Frank Reagan. It seems that the actor’s salary is significantly higher than for the rest of the cast members, and this causes large expenses seriously hitting the budget and therefore raises the possibility of the cancellation of the sequel. Furthermore, this sparked off rumors that this has led to actor’s leaving the show in order for the Blue Bloods Season 8 to be produced.

Still, it goes without doubt that Blue Bloods constantly receives positive feedback and is, therefore, unlikely to be canceled. It is quite understandable that the show’s budget increases with every new season and since the ratings are very good, it is most likely that the producers will be able to recover the costs of the production of a new season. On the other hand, its numerous fans cannot imagine a season without its main star Tom Selleck. All in all, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but what we can say for sure is that if Season 7 becomes a hit, Season 8 will probably be produced.