BlackBerry Ltd Renews Enterprise Partnership Program as They Look to Help Business Grow


BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY), the once powerful mobile communications company, has made moves to change the enterprise partner program for its solutions providers. The company, through the new venture will now attempt to support their partners with a host of skills and competencies by offering the company’s cross-platform security and its productivity solutions.

The program that the company is implementing will attempt to give solutions and the best ways and tools to push forward growth, profit, and value in their businesses. The intensification of the program on numerous levels and branches will help the company’s partners and BlackBerry to develop and build new ways and moves around the multi-OS EMM platform which are offered by BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry enterprise partner program has three levels to it; the authorized level, the gold level, and the platinum level. Each of the levels has different benefits for the partners and is accessed through their level of commitment. The more they are committed, the more specialization access and competency tools they get from BlackBerry.

The new and renewed program now encompass a very simple and integrated pricing structure, together with some enhanced partner discounts they can get after the deal registration. All of the solution providers marked as the platinum level will get a priority ranking and will be annotated in the BlackBerry Partner locator.

The Vice President of Global channels, Richard McLeod said that the revenue from the program was steadily flowing and that the company continued to invest in the enterprise partner program for the excessive and rapid growth that was expected.

The Canadian-based company is also planning to gather and collect feedback from the solution providers and partners on a range of topics that overlook market products, BlackBerry emerging technology roadmap and the go to market approach that the company is looking to implement. The company is looking for input to make life easier for its partners and also create more sales opportunities.

McLeod said that the renewed program was a way that the company’s partners would be able to get involved in consulting, professional services, and support and software lifecycle and management opportunities which can be created in the move to mobile business.

He also goes on to say that the company aims to empower its clients by growing their businesses and also help with competitive differentiation which can be done by building and development of intellectual property and personalized value added services to the multi-OS EMM solution.