Shafiq Qaadri, Member of Provincial Parliament used offensive words against the leading smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) last week. His affront efforts forced the Blackberry CEO, John Chen, to come forward and reply publically. According to him, Mr. Qaadri was wrong on multiple levels while talking about Blackberry.

His Words Are Not In Line With Modern Discourse
Mr. Qaadri grabbed the foot at Legislative Assembly of Ontario in the previous week, and immediately after taking the position, he used words about Blackberry that were not appropriate at all.

Chen wrote in a company statement that Qaadri’s comments about people with disabilities were derogatory in nature and that he should apologize publically for his behavior. He further added that people with different abilities had contributed to Canada’s development in their own way, and Qaadri’s defamatory words about them were shameful for the entire nation.

Apart from talking about such people, Mr. Qaadri was unsuccessful on the merits of his comments, which was disparaging to BlackBerry. Legislative Assembly spends a lot of money to select BlackBerry’s mobility solutions for its elected staff and officials. The primary reason for it is nothing but BlackBerry’s second to none technology for protecting the privacy and security of all the users.

If taken into consideration all the mobile service providing companies, BlackBerry sits on top in terms of the security system. No matter if you talk about 16 of the G20 governments or all the G7 governments, everyone uses BlackBerry for obvious reasons. Its more than 70 security systems establish it as a preeminent secured mobile service provider in today’s time.

At a time when BlackBerry’s putting a lot of efforts to make things secured for its users, Mr. Qaadri’s comments are disrespectful in all the possible manners, for which he should be apologizing.


  1. BlackBerry and Security are 2 synonymous words…you can say security or BlackBerry both mean secure mobile communication.

    If you work in a place where there is information that should be secure, then you MUST use a BlackBerry period. If you don’t then you are either stupid or have an agenda and should be investigated.

  2. I think he made a mistake by saying Blackberry, what he really meant was Apple idumbphone .

  3. How can Qaadri be a politician in Canada when he was born in the USA? Maybe he should go back to Chicago and be a politician there.

  4. I don’t understand the approach taken by the MPP. In all fairness, when faced with a perceived problem; proposing a solution(s) is the best approach. Using disrespectful and distasteful comments to help your agenda is not a professional way of approaching this matter.

    If he wants to win that battle, he has a huge uphill climb ahead of him and it has to start with a major apology for his comments and lack of professionalism.

  5. Well said John Chen!
    As a Canadian, I was disgusted to hear this Ontario MPP’s comments about people with disabilities.

    On top of that, his comments about Blackberry are way off base.
    I love my Blackberry z30 and it has all the apps I have ever needed and wanted because it comes with Amazon’s Android app store and Blackberry’s app store.


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