BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY)’s Apps to Make Travel Hassle-Free

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You are about to venture on that long awaited holiday. Along with other items of luggage don’t forget to take your BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) loaded with these travel apps with you. These apps make your travel a hassle-free and fun experience. BlackBerry 10 users can now run Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Android apps as well as BlackBerry apps by virtue of an update to the mobile operating system. We take a look at apps that you may find useful and valuable.

Foursquare (Free)
Foursquare is the best online city guide. It gives you great places to visit, shop, eat or drink in any city across the world. You can browse through the staggering 60 million reviews from the local folk. If you are travelling or seeking to find out new places close by this is the perfect app. The app learns your preferences and accordingly delivers information. You can inform your Foursquare followers when you are in the vicinity. You can save places you wish to visit in this app, so you don’t forget.

XE currency (Free)
This currency converter app gives you accurate rates on the move. You can instantly see the currency in any country of the worlds. There are options to search by nation, code or popularity. This app even works in the absence of an Internet connection. It offers ease of use and utilizes live currency rates.

Hailo (Free)
This app leverages your phone’s GPS so that cabs come to you. It matches passengers with taxi drivers. It lets registered travelers to e-hail, tip and pay for taxi travel by utilizing the debit or credit card details they have saved within the app’s secure cloud wallet.

Navita Translator (Free)
This app translates and can speak over 60 global languages. It can translate and articulate words as well as phrases as users’ type. The app helps surmount language barriers and possible misunderstandings.

Poynt (free)
This app has been used for finding movie theatres, multiplexes, malls, food courts among others. It can even provide directions, book reservations or browse websites and more. It is way too exhaustive and too good to give it a miss.

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