BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Sets Forth Value Bundle For All Users


BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) is known for two things i.e. safety and innovation, and the company looks forward to doing everything to live up to users’ expectations in these two parameters. In a series of recent announcements, the company has now introduced value bundle for all the users.

The smartphone leader kept on touching newer heights in terms of innovation lately with the launch of several devices. For instance- BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Leap and a battery that’s far more powerful than one can imagine. Productivity of the company doesn’t end here, in fact, it just starts. The company has tried to take its productivity and innovation to a newer stage with the launch of the new value bundle.

What’s in There

The company has initially decided to introduce this initiative in North America where people can save their money and time by purchasing unlocked BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Passport, and BlackBerry Leap. Along with these devices, they can also grab some of the most sought after accessories designed by Black-Berry. These devices and accessories are available at ShopBlackBerry in North America as of now.

These three value bundles along with quite a few productive accessories to make your official life a lot more productive than it’s today. For those, who live outside North America, the company has decided to visit different parts of U.S. and make available these devices to all the users. The value bundles are available in three categories:

  • BlackBerry Passport: Users will get BlackBerry Passport smartphone, Sync Pod, Flex Shell, black and Screen Protector.
  • BlackBerry Classic: The company has decided to offer BlackBerry Classic smartphone, Sync Pod, Leather Pocket, and Screen Protector.
  • BlackBerry Leap: The company has decided to offer BlackBerry Leap smartphone, Flex Shell, Black, Leather Pocket and Sync Pod.

The company is looking forward to introducing new devices and accessories in the near future after analyzing the response that this initiative receive.