BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)’s BES12 was awarded by the Best in Biz for taking the top position in the category of best enterprise software product.

The company took the win thanks to its BES12 product that is offered as an in-house product or as a cloud-based service. The win coincides with the constant praise that the company has been receiving from most users of BES12. However, this is not the first time for the company to win the award. The company took first place in the same category in 2014.

The Best in Biz Awards are a North American industry analysis awards that comprise of a panel of 46 judges. These judges are selected from different sectors including analyst firms, technology publications, business and established newspapers. The 2015 Canadian awards had the highest number of entries this year with more than 600 submissions. The participants consisted of companies of different sizes from both the public and the private sector. The participants were also from a wide range of industries located in Canada and the US.

Blackberry posted the report on its company blog. According to the post, BES12 was able to take the win because of numerous performance aspects including the ability to allow device manageability across different platforms. Administrators are therefore able to incorporate different operating systems such as Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iOS, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Android, Blackberry and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows. The post also stated that BES12 allows for more security and enhanced productivity.

BES12 has been increasingly popular especially with organizations because its network security allows users to access relevant data needed for more productivity while maintaining the security of information. BES12 has also been an important business driver for the company. For the past few months, Blackberry has been teaming up with numerous firms from different regions particularly in Hong Kong to streamline more operations and more businesses.

Blackberry has also been putting a lot of effort in the core business, and since BES12 is one of the company’s main and most promising businesses, the results have been equally impressive. In short, BES12 has played a major role in putting the company back on the map.


  1. I absolutely agree!

    Looks like the Android community is very positive about what BB brings to Android, so we will see if that can hold true, long term.

  2. True! BES12 is the best enterprise MM software there is no question about it.

    Most people see that BB not doing very well in the smartphone market and think that’s it BB is finished not knowing that on the software side, BlackBerry is a force to reckoned with. Most people don’t know the BB’s QNX software is used virtually everywhere…from nuclear reactors to military equipment to space to health…you name it.

  3. BES 12 is an excellent product and has earned every bit of this award. With the purchase of Good Technologies, this will only improve their future product offerings.

    Next up is DEVVV, who is going to tell us that the CEO needs to be “ousted” because his high school education has taught him that this multi-billion dollar company is not doing anything correct. Truth is, DEVVV is just upset that BB chose not to acknowledge him when he began commenting online about the Company and his feelings got hurt. Now he’s obsessed on vindication and the Company continues to protect their investors by ignoring him.


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