BlackBerry Passport Silver

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) is currently working to fix the screen flickering issue on the Passport following the release of the OS 10.3.1. After the issue was reported, the Canadian firm temporarily halted the update, but soon it was resumed at a slower speed.

Users unable to enjoy BlackBerry Passport’s big screen

The issue of flickering first appeared in early leaks of the 10.3.1 software, but it appears it was also present in the official release last week. The company took this problem into notice, when some of the users of Blackberry passport complained on the social networking sites and forums such as Facebook.

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) product manager Michael Clewley mentioned in a tweet that the company is slowing down the speed of the update, and asked the BlackBerry Passport users to be patience. Apart from Passport, other phones included in the update are BlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z3, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Q5, Porsche Design P’9982 and the Porsche Design P’9983. The new OS build is pre-installed in Blackberry Classic.

One of the best features of Blackberry Passport is its gorgeous high-resolution, but due to the problem of flickering the users were unable to enjoy it. Surprisingly no one found the exact cause of the problem as several users reported that the flickering happens completely at random.

Tricks that could help

According to BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) Product Manager Michael Clewley, the current fix of the problem is still in testing, and soon will be made available to the users. Until, the Canadian firm comes up with a permanent solution, Clewley suggested a trick that could help. “As a workaround for the Passport flickering issue we’ve seen a daily reset reduce the amount it happens,” Clewley tweeted. Also, CrackBerry suggested using a 10.3.1 autoloader to clean the existing software, and then going for a fresh install of the update.

Along with the flickering screen, Clewley mentioned about the low volume of ringtones for the BlackBerry Q10. To fix the issue, Clewley asked the users to select override profile volume and increase the volume.

If you are a BlackBerry Passport user, and have not yet updated to the new OS, it might be better to wait until the company comes up with a fix.


  1. According to the timeline set out by Chen, this announcement about continuing in the handset hardware business is the announcement that could have either spelled the doom of the BlackBerry handset or the shape of things to come. It seems BlackBerry is still selling handsets and have shown one new and announced two more releases, (as previously mentioned) handsets. Seems their still in the game. No matter how much of an underdog some may think them to be.

  2. Oooh.. ouch!! Does it hurt to be stupid?

    BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen who spoke on a conference call with the media earlier today, while stressing that BlackBerry is still committed to its own devices.

    “This is just a very natural evolution of taking our OS, the surfaces and security layers around it and putting it on others’ devices, so that our serviceable market is not only ‘BlackBerry’ devices, but all devices,” “I intend to continue to build a hardware business” he said. “But there will be a lot of focus on the software business too.”

  3. Unfortunately if those devices are not profitable, Blackberry won’t be in the devices business for too much longer. Regardless of how nostalgic you may feel about the company, John Chen was hired for only one purpose, and that is to make every division in blackberry profitable and if not, then they are no longer an asset to the company. Internally they know that there are no sacred cows in the company, either become profitable or risk being shutdown.

  4. I am Canadian, I live one city away from Waterloo. I don’t work for BlackBerry but I do feel proud to support a North American company and their endeavours. To put it in a nutshell, I look at it this way. The company has always met my needs and gone beyond for many years of owned devices. Sure, they may not have fallen into the Bar shaped phone scene as it seems every other manufacturer has but they were not following, they were leading. BlackBerry still holds true to its roots and holds strong to is integrity of making devices of outstanding quality and experiences. Sure, there are going to be a bug here and there, but that goes for any software release by any manufacturer, I don’t care who you are. The company is still viable with a new announcement this past week of three new devices this year. A new porche design, a ner pkb design and a curved screen slider. Sure, it is not the mainstream style of everybody else, but that is BlackBerry. Whether they return to the top of the shitpile or not is no concern to me. Just that they keep providing me with die hard devices, unmatched security and and amazing experience. BlackBerry fanboy? You bet your ass. And proud to be.

  5. Ps. I own a 425K home.. so yeah, I sit around collecting a welfare check dbag. Wanna try again? And for someone who claims to “have a life”, you SUUURE do spend a lot of time on the internet spreading FUD about BBRY.

    Pss. Ever heard of email? How hard is it to respond to one? K… thought so..

  6. Naaaw.. I don’t live in Canada or anywhere close to Waterloo.. nice try though clown. Better run along and spread your anti-BBRY propaganda. Apple isn’t paying you to sit on your thumbs all day..

  7. Innovating? You mean like the iMazing home button and rectangular touch slab on an iPhone…circa 2007… in present day…. but they have an extra row of icons.

  8. Wow, that must be a new record for response time, even for you, I guess you’ve already clocked into work at Blackberry….

  9. Says they guy that has to get the last word in on every conversation.

    I’m not even sure how you find the time to respond to every reply unless your one of those guys that sit at home all day watching p0rn and all the while collecting a welfare check.

  10. Yeah… because the Pressedport is “stuck in the past”.. GTFO loser.. I hear a home button from 2007 calling your name..

  11. But you are here, like the mentally ill loser you are, following me around and trolling BBRY..

  12. True, because it takes multiple devices for you to be a total a-hole around here.

    Well done dickless

  13. Your mom is so nice. In addition to making me dinner, does she apply your butthurt cream?

    Ps. You come to the realization that AT&T Passports had 10.3.1?

  14. Unfortunately your argument does not hold sway, currently Blackberry has a global market share of less then 1% a company with that low of a market share does not have much support from anywhere in the world. Take China for example, the largest smartphone market in the world, the number one smartphone being bought over there is made by Xiaomi. Blackberry is not even a blip on the Chinese radar.

  15. Nice rant but it was the emergence of the iPhone in 2007 that ultimately sealed their fate. It took Blackberry 6 years to even match what Apple was doing with the iPhone and even then, they wrote off $1 Billion in unsold inventory of the Z10 model. Although there were some positive points about the old BBOS system such as battery life and security, the user experience was less then acceptable. The underlying java was archaic, based on Java 1.3 the api’s available to developers were not up to modern standards. Further more the entire system basically ran on a single thread, commonly known as a Green Thread. This meant that one misbehaving app could take down the entire OS unlike Android Apps which run inside an entirely different process and has it’s own allocation of memory.

    When it comes to handsets, Blackberry should throw in the towel and instead concentrate on things they are still good at, such as MDM and the emerging IoT space.

  16. It is unfortunate, but BlackBerry seems to have been Black Listed in the US. Whether it is their unwillingness to cooperate with the agencies who want to monitor everything their countrymen are doing. Or the advertisements and false media coverage of BlackBerry’s demise we really don’t know. However, if you were to look and do some research beyond the US borders, you would find electronics and tech magazines touting the benefits of BlackBerry over the competition, and no, these are not advertisements from BlackBerry, but honest to goodness publications. Just not born on US soil. Which, I would like to point out, is not the center or end all and be all of the galaxy as some like to think.

  17. Boy, you do spend a lot of time trashing BBRY.. you sure you’re not getting paid by Apple or Samsung?

  18. Oh, you mean the paid ADS? Rather smart of BBRY.. they get the truth out without the snide anti-BBRY BeeGeeaRRRR slant and idiot trolls like you can’t post your tired propaganda.

  19. You say “we all know” but you don’t know how the rest of the planet thinks. You think this way because like the BlackBerry fans, Apple also has their groupies. As for myself and many of the fans and admirers of the BlackBerry device, we do not follow the mantra of the BlackBerry because of any “former past glory” we follow and use BlackBerrys because of the device itself.. The device is one that through the years has proven to be one solid performer, and one with a tremendous MTBF, or Mean Time Before Failure. Something that no other device manufacturer can boast. For this reason alone, is enough to choose BlackBerry over other inferior devices, but this reason was one of the contributing factors that has led to BlackBerry’s hard times in the past. If the devices last 10 years, why replace them? This is where the loss of repeat sales really hurts a company’s bottom line. Now, here the users of BlackBerry stand. Watching their device manufacturer toil through the criticism of US government agencies and strong arm tactics to enable backdoors to spy on the users, Through the tactics and low business dealings of providers that take kickbacks from Apple and Samsung to undermine sales of BlackBerry and lure with hundreds of dollars in incentives to trade in your BlackBerry for their device, (IE T-Mobile and Apple/Samsung), the backlash of building a device that lasts many years longer then it’s one year warranty period and still, like the Phoenix, (the company that has been Branded and put to rest, long before it’s time by the media and apple users) BlackBerry has risen from the ashes of its supposed fiery grave and is once again in the race. I can see how that might intimidate users of other manufacturers devices. Please don’t worry too much. It took BlackBerry a while to attain the hearts and minds of the many during what seems to have been, a more enlightened individualistic time in our history. i am pretty sure we have moved beyond that. Many today think with a Hive mindset. The generations of individuals are a thing of the past. BlackBerry has since learned it’s lesson and now has a Huge portfolio containing acquisitions of some of the worlds top mobile security firms, They have branched out into the medical field, the automotive field and so many other theaters of stability that without a doubt, you yourself have used a BlackBerry device without you even knowing it. So don’t be too quick to discount a company that you would rather choose to ignore, because those are the ones that the media has already learned to choke on their words over. The Phoenix has risen.

    P.S. I do hope you enjoy your de-vices

  20. Speaking of articles, the only positive articles I see for Blackberry are the ones sponsored by Blackberry themselves hmmm.

  21. Boy you do spend a lot of time on these types of articles, you sure your not getting paid by Blackberry?

  22. Sorry Wayne, we all know who is really innovating these days and it’s not Blackberry, only a small percentage of people who are stuck in the glory days of Blackberry’s former past will continue to buy and support Blackberry.

  23. How can a person with the name TechGuru99 be so technically challenged and inept. Or is the name just over compensation because of being tied to your iPhone’s single “Do it all” button. Never mind. I seem to have answered my own question.

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  25. Sure buddy ATT would never accept software that has screen flickering issues!

    Go home and continue pecking on your useless qwerty keypad…

  26. ROTFLMAO… for a “tech guru”, you suuuuure are a moron. AT&T Passport rolled out with OS and carriers all over the world have begun pushing out 10.3.1 to their BB10 devices. Wanna try again moron?

  27. Dude, 10.3.1 is only available to unlocked phones that were bought unlocked and not from a carrier so there is no AT&T QA to get through.

    Who’s the clown now fool!

  28. Oh, a “major bug like screen flickering”, yet it make it through AT&T’s overly rigorous testing. Try again clown and keep apologizing for Apple while you’re at it.

  29. Of course not all bugs can be addressed before a carrier will accept the software, but a major bug like screen flickering, is a show stopper. Imagine Apple sent out an update that caused half of iOS users screens to flicker?

    You have to ask yourself, how can Blackberry even release this update knowing that there is a screen flickering issue?

  30. ROTFLMAO… yeah, because the issue happened on EVERY device and EVERY model.. try again clown, your trolling sucks.

    Ps. crApple finally get all of the iOS8 issues fixed? Not likely but I thought I ask…

  31. No wonder the Carriers haven’t approved the 10.3 update yet! If half the users experience flickering issues that will cause return rates to spike!

    Blackberry = Garbage

  32. It isn’t happening to all Passports clown… and after ALL of the iPhone release issues, you can STFU about a screen flickering issue that BBRY has ALREADY released a fix for.

  33. Where are the blackberry fanboys commenting on this issue? They were all over an Apple article that stated there was an issue after an iOS update!

    Screen flickering after update, ha ha, how does that get by quality control???


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