BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has laid to rest, recent news reports of a major offer by big smartphone maker, Samsung Electronics, the South Korea-based company, with multinational presence. According to news reports by Reuters, Samsung’s offer was $7 billion. However, Blackberry officials have now confirmed that there is no such development.

While investors in Blackberry shares may be disappointed, and may lead to further pressure on the board, it does appear that at the headquarters of ex-Research In Motion company, Waterloo, it has the full-support of the technology town.

In many ways, John Chen, the CEO at the helm of affairs at the recently rechristened BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) backs the township support with his stoic strategies, which apparently are marking minimal profits for the company, in the past quarter. Though the historic $9 billion market capital is a far cry from the current $3billion cash it holds, Blackberry does have several core strengths, which are expected to help eventually turnaround the company.

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) continues to be a local-player which has amassed a global stature, thanks to its landmark security-feature, function-reach model. However, this was before the fashionable iPhones and Galaxy’s made their way and grabbed the stronghold of the practical-designed Blackberry’s.
As expert’s analyse it was the lack of vision to grade to touch-based interface that pushed down on the Blackberry‘s popularity in the past decade.

However, now Chen’s strategy to retain the retro-fit features on the latest models, appear to pay rich dividends.

While it is unsure, if or when BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) will sell to a strong player or continue to steam ahead on its core strengths, Passport and the Classic are redefining the future of the company, no thanks to Samsung’s and others’ bids! Blackberry has begun to hire incrementally again, even as past talent remain locally, with their own start-ups. It may well appear Blackberry has newer integrated functions, five years from now, thanks to ex-Blackberry teams!


  1. The point i’m trying to make is that Blackberry’s staffing levels are not increasing, if they need to hire in a strategic area they are forced to cut one or two employees in another area which is less strategic. The end result is that their headcount stays the same or is lightly reduced.

  2. That is called turnover, not workforce reduction and that’s what you were making a case for. Every business everywhere in the world has turnover. That is as true for BlackBerry as it is for Apple as it is for Ford Motor Co. And if Turnover is what you were talking about, why mention it at all? That’s not news by any means.

  3. I made a statement, you can choose not to believe me that is your choice, but I know for a fact that Blackberry yes Blackberry is still laying off people in various areas, your not going to hear about it in the news because they are not mass layoffs but rather 5 or 10 people here and there, which gives them the room to hire the 80 req’s you talk about.

  4. You started by making a claim that BlackBerry was still reducing it’s workforce. I have shown you evidence that the opposite is true. Your reaction is to compare Apple having over 600 job posting compared to BlackBerry’s 80. Well that seems fair since BlackBerry had 5,000 employees compared to Apples 600,000, even though it does show that both companies are hiring. You have not shown any evidence what so ever that your original statement has any truth to it at all. You have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation.

  5. Pfft, I didn’t ask you to show me their job postings, I asked you to show me the public information from their quarterly reports that show current staffing levels.

    80 jobs that’s it???? A quick look on Apple’s website shows 600+ jobs needing to be filled for Software development alone, Hardware development jobs needed were sitting at 600+ as well. 80 Jobs? how sad, Blackberry can easily get rid of some existing dead weight to replace with 80 new ones they really need…

  6. Why don’t you post a link to the last quarterly report that shows current employment figures….I bet you can’t, you idiot…

  7. no, let you put complete bull shit on this site and claim it as fact when you have no official information what so ever. Na, I will call your bull shit and point out that you have no way of knowing that BlackBerry’s employee numbers are dropping. As a publicly traded company, BlackBerry can’t keep that information secret by LAW you moron so they would have to make that information public. How about just getting a link to the public memo BlackBerry put out with regards to retreating from their statement that layoffs were finished and a modest hiring was in progress. You can’t because no such memo exists.

  8. Don’t be fooled by the career page, Chen is not hiring like it’s the 1990’s. Chen is letting people go in some areas of the company where they still have some fat, and he’s using the now freed up head count to hire in areas where it makes sense to him. I know, I’ve seen it happen. Everyone was quick to dispute my original comment but that’s when happens when you don’t know the real story!

  9. pfft, that article is how many months old now, I’ve just seen more people let go this past week, so no the headcount reductions are not over i’m sorry to say!

  10. Chen made that statement about 5 months ago (I’m guessing on the time). He said they had hit bottom and were now starting to hire again. I would think before you blast someone for a comment like that, you might try a web search to see if the statement was accurate. Now you look like a fool.

  11. lol, where in the world did you get labelled as a Tech Guru if you can’t answer such a simple question?

  12. “Blackberry has started to hire incrementally again” – where in the world do you get your information from?


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