BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) was at its cutting-edge best when it included a patented tactile keyboard for its once-disruptive smartphones. The pioneering innovation of the Canada-based Blackberry phone makers remains unmatched by contemporary smartphone-makers who fall-short of ‘eclectic-design’ in their innovations.

Meanwhile, Typo Products LLC, a company part-owned by celebrity Ryan Seacrest, took the idea of tactile keyboards and made the Typo iPhone keyboard. This led to Blackberry filing a lawsuit against Typo in January, 2014. In all ‘likelihood’ that Blackberry’s patents were infringed, preliminary injunctions were issued by the US District Judge William Orrick in San Francisco, prohibiting the sale of the Typo iPhone keyboard.

However, circumventing the legal tussle, Typo quickly launched Typo 2, a tweaked version of the patented version, with slimmer case. IPhone 6 and iPhone 5/5S users are however the most happiest as they once again have the luxury and comfort of a physical keyboard to pound away!

Typo 2 not Seamless with Apple Pay

Despite, certain limitations that the tweaked tactile keyboard would come with, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 iteration users who are dependent on the touch-based features are happy to find a keyboard based product. At its worst, they will have to switch physically from the Keyboard mode to use touch-dependent features such as the in-built Apple Pay feature currently available on the advanced iPhone iterations.

Typo 2 does not allow simultaneous use of Touch ID sensor or Apple Pay, because of the contrived positioning for the tactile keyboard. Typo 2 keyboards cost $79 for the iPhone 5/5s version and $99 for the iPhone 6. This can be a drawback, the convenience of a physical keyboard priced which is ‘price-friendly’ as well is a functional accessory most iPhone users would prefer indulge in, rather than pass!

There is more coming from Typo, as the keyboard maker is currently working on an iPad version to be available by next year. Although the preliminary injunctions are a set-back to Typo LLC, the company is all set to appeal, dismissing Blackberry’s patent claims as not worthy of merit!


  1. QNX will always be in there phones since that what provides their end to end solution. Android apps I can see is going to be only temporary in terms of relying on it once BB10 user base grows to a better market share more native apps will come. Blackberry will not be another android manufactuer they have invested tons and tons of R and D in BB10 and QNX to just drop by the end of next year in their phones which is just a year away. It will never happen. Being an android manufacturer has no gains for BB what so ever.

    Especially since the roadmap for 2015 has 4 phones in the making.

  2. Or, you’ve got an Android phone that can run BB10 apps natively. You can see where BB is going, especially in league with Samsung. The future of QNX in the long-run, is in cars, etc.

  3. “not enough apps” is not an argument. It’s a fact. BB doesn’t shape-shift into an Android-phone emulator for no reason. It’s the only platform: phone, tablet, or computer, that must be able to run two, completely functioning, OS’s.

    I not only suggest, but predict, Chen will port the entire hardware and software layers to Android, or a close fork, in collaberation with Samsung, by the end of next year. They may well be long into the process as you read.

  4. Exactly especially going into 2015 there is no Not enough apps crap…we got native BB10 apps and Android Apps from Amazon and Snap if maybe. BB10 is way more capable OS than iOS. You can get a Z30 for mad cheap now and it is a much better phone than the iPhone 6 in many ways.

  5. Seems to me that, especially with all the new features packed into the new Blackberries, it would be better and easier to buy a blackberry. Why go with clip ons and add ons when you can have the real thing, for less . . . .and no, the old “not enough apps” argument just doesn’t wash anymore.

  6. My thoughts too. What’s to then stop a 3 then 4 unless there are significant damages awarded. And Seacrest seems to be brushing aside any worries.


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