Blackberry Considered a Leader in Enterprise Management Mobility


Blackberry was recently named one of the leaders of the enterprise mobile management system, according to a recently published Gartner project which helped organisations to choose the product they could order. The Blackberry CSO, David Kleidermarcher, was talking to reporters about the topic, and the news was not particularly surprising because the company had recently bought Good Technology, a market leader based on the market share.

However there are five more leaders who are in the quadrant, and consumers were encouraged to choose on the one they truly want. At this point, Kleidermarcher suggested that consumers turn to a detailed report, the associated Gartner report, Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management. The report detailed in a wider impact, the six leaders of the market and also including the other mobility management products which number up to 13.

Kleidermarcher noted in a written blog post one week earlier that Gartner had given Blackberry a perfect score of 6 out of 6 of the use cases in the Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management report. The report offered the companies a good way for them to choose the firms that offered enterprise management mobility solutions, way more easily.

The six categories which were measured included the High-Security Government Grade; High-Security Commercial; Shared Data; Shared Devices; Nonemployee; and Bring Your Own (BYO). Some of the other companies which scored rather impressively in the report included Atos, Samsung, Citrix, MobileIron and IBM, but apparently none of them were as consistent as Blackberry had been.

Blackberry’s own product is named the Good Secure EMM Suites and it combines the Good Collaboration apps with the Blackberry Enterprise Server together with the Good Dynamics and the WatchDox Enterprise. The result of the combination is an enterprise management mobility service that is used by the Blackberry Priv, DTEK50, Android and iOS devices.

However not all platforms will have the same functionality. One of the areas which have not been as covered as it should be is the anti malware and reputation support platforms, although in most cases this is rather provided by some third party applications.

These Gartner reports will be based on the reputation and the experience of various users with the products. One example is that for the Priv, the report indicates that it should not be constituted as a substitute for the security levels which are known for the BB10 platforms.