Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to Treat Hormonal Imbalance


Hormonal disorders are a classic problem for women. Many of them do not realize when they have the disorder. Hormonal disorders are disorders that cause major hormones to not work properly and popular disorders are Hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, hyperprolactinemia, and ovarian disorders.

It has been mentioned above that most women do not realize when hormonal disorders attack. Unfortunately, this ignorance can lead them to more severe negative consequences. In many cases, many women have difficulty conceiving because they are experiencing hormonal disorders that stop or hinder the ovulation process.

If you suspect you may be experiencing a hormonal disorder then read this article to the end. You may have to undergo several types of blood tests. The point is to know for sure the hormonal parameters you have; levels of testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, DHEA, and so on. To understand these parameters we recommend you to visit

Once you have had a test, an experienced doctor will analyze the test results, trying to narrow the assumptions that have been built into one. In other words, the doctor is trying to conclude. But sometimes a test can’t explain your hormonal problems. Therefore other tests need to be run.

Associated symptoms


When we go to the symptoms, we must realize that estrogen and progesterone are the two most influential female hormones. And when the glands that produce these two hormones change their production, that’s where the problem comes from. We don’t know when they changed production. We can only know through a few characteristic symptoms. By knowing these symptoms, you can prevent yourself from getting worse.

Most doctors will agree to mention some of the symptoms of hormonal disorders in women such as changes in the appearance of the skin such as the appearance of many pimples suddenly, changes in the menstrual cycle, abdominal pain that occurs suddenly “for no reason”, and depression. At first glance they are quite common but an experienced doctor will know whether they are caused by hormonal disorders or not.

Required treatment

In most cases, a daily dose of supplemental hormone is sufficient but in the long term, lifestyle changes play an important role. Therefore, most doctors will focus on these changes as “long-term therapy”. They will give certain drugs but they will place more emphasis on lifestyle changes because the majority of diseases start from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Steps needed to prevent hormonal disorders

First of all, it is necessary to know that in some cases, hormonal disturbances are unavoidable. But most of them can be avoided. Here are suggestions for you to prevent hormonal disorders that may occur in the future:

– You should eat foods with high antioxidant content such as fruit juices. You can use lemons, oranges, and other vitamin C-rich fruits.

– Diligently consuming sea fish is highly recommended because they can increase DHEA levels in your body. You are advised to eat sea fish at least two or three times a week.

– Consume several types of vitamins regularly. You can take them in tablet form. The vitamins that are important to prevent hormonal disorders are vitamins A, B, and D. Don’t forget folic acid.

– Eat foods that contain Omega 3 regularly.

– Make sure your daily foods contain sufficient calcium, iodine, zinc and magnesium. But do not overdo it because anything in excess is not good.

– Diligently exercise and avoid sitting in one place for hours. These bad habits are often associated with heart disease and stroke, but in recent years they have also been linked to hormonal disorders. When you develop a sedentary lifestyle in the long term, you may be changing the endocrine system in your body (in a negative direction).

– Try to avoid foods with added hormones. It is recommended for you to eat bran bread and natural dairy products because they are free of artificial hormones.

– Check hormonal conditions regularly. You may be able to do a check every 6 months.

Hormonal imbalance as a form of hormonal disorder

Hormonal imbalance is of course the most popular form of hormonal disorder. Worldwide, there are tens of millions of women who suffer from this disorder every year. Unfortunately, instead of getting the right hormone therapy, they often fall into the wrong medication because of the wrong perception.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy may be the final solution

Tens of millions of women worldwide experience hormonal imbalances each year and in the United States, their number is around 5 or 6 million people. The hormonal imbalance they experience causes some typical disorders such as perimenopause, adrenal fatigue, and abnormal weight gain. In many cases in the United States, bioidentical hormone therapy is the final solution.

As they age, hormonal imbalances can lead to other, more troubling symptoms. Middle-aged women’s biggest enemy is abnormal weight gain and it is often misunderstood as consuming too many calories. Indeed, excessive calorie consumption is a major factor in weight gain, but hormonal imbalances will cause disturbances in the management of calories in the body.

What is bioidentical hormone therapy?

This is a hormone therapy designed in such a way to change the patient’s endocrine system back to its original state. The element used is what is called a bioidentical hormone. Proper administration of bioidentical hormones will restore the condition of the patient’s endocrine system to its original state.

Usually, bioidentical hormone therapy includes the following points:

– Doctor specializing in bioidentical hormones.

– Blood, saliva, and urine tests.

– Strictly controlled hormonal compounds and pharmaceutical supplements.

– Complete laboratory analysis which includes medical symptoms, medical history, and medical history based on lineage.

– Adequate nutritional support.

– Post-therapy physical exercise program.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is carried out under strict and thorough supervision by a specialist in the hormone field. This therapy has been through so many experiments conducted over the years in several countries. The goal is to ensure that this therapy is safe and truly beneficial for treating hormonal imbalances.